Workout Plan For Teenage Girls To Lose Weight


There are many workout plans for teenage girls to lose weight, just keep in mind that during exercise, you should practice care by slowly escalating the workout intensity. In teenage girls nowadays, a lack of physical activity is increasing the risk of obesity; however, the foundation for healthy adult life is to be fit and healthy in adolescence. Physical activity is not only essential but is also very much important for the overall health of a teenage girl.

Some Best Workout Plans For Teenage Girls To Lose Weight

Keep in mind that if you have never exercised in your life, the initial few days of your workout plans can be painful. However go on and don’t stop as no pain, no gain. Setting daily goals may assist you to limit the intensity whereas still challenging and conditioning. You should also talk regarding your fitness with a fitness expert before starting a thorough workout plan.

Why you should work out?

Regular Exercises makes you feel healthier; also physical activity releases the feel-good hormones too called the endorphins. Regular workout plan will assist you to burn more calories and also help you to get rid of toxins that cause the blockage of the pores of the skin. Working out strength bones and in building muscles that make you stronger. The best part is that it helps you to stay fit as exercises on a regular basis will fight diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, including cancer. Below are some workout plans which will help you to lose weight:

  • Zumba


Zumba is one of the latest techniques to lose weight effectively especially for teenage girls. It is considered as a feel-good way to improve your fitness and an efficient way of incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Zumba is all about loosening up in addition to burning calories. It is the best way which helps to relieve stress, boost energy furthermore improve strength. It includes vigorous exercise with a high-intensity movement which helps out to carve the body.

  • Swimming


Swimming is also one of the best workout plans for teenage girls to burn fat, to trim inches and which is also very helpful for you to get stronger, fitter plus healthier than ever. Swimming energetically can make you burn up to 500 to 700 calories in an hour, irrespective of what you are performing, i.e. whether you do a breaststroke or freestyle. It is known to be a highly successful form of exercise for weight loss and toning. It holds all of the major muscle groups including abdominals and back muscles to your legs, arms, hips as well as glutes.

  • Squats


If you have extra fat around your thighs and butt? Don’t worry as when you do squats correctly; you engage your entire lower body and your core which will help you out with this. Squats are known as one of the best workouts to burn fat and get your lower body, especially in shape. Start with slow exercises, and once you get accustomed to the regular type, you can amend the speed, maximize the reps and can also try new variations which can include jump squats, pistol squats, barbell squats.

  • Jump Rope

jump rope

Jumping rope is the best workout plans for teenage girls to lose weight effectively and which every teenage girl will love to do. This movement will bring the heart rate up in energetic exercise at the same time as working on core balance. Beginners should keep in mind to work up to the intensity by jumping rope for a short interval as well as increasing that rate over time

  • Bicycle Exercise

bicycle excercise

Bicycle exercise is another best workout option by which way you can quickly reduce fat specifically from the lower abdomen. For this, you should lie straight on the ground with both the hands lying at the back of the head. At this moment fold the knees and effort to hold the knees close to your chest. With this exercise, your Shoulders will also get stretched.  Try to touch your right knee along with your left elbow and Repeat this for the left knee. This workout will assist teenage girls to lose weight fast as well as easily.

  • Kicking and Pushups

Kicking and Pushups

Kicking in the air is also a very effective exercise that helps in reducing calories especially from thighs. Keep in mind that the faster and higher will be the kick, more is the amount of fat burned. You can also try out Push-ups by Lying down on any flat surface in face-down position and putting all your body weight on your palms placed tightly on the surface, next to your shoulders. At this point start pushing the body up and down steadily.  You can slowly increase the no. of pushups. It is best suited for all the fat stores near the belly area.

  • Dips


Dips are also amazing workout plans for teenage girls to lose weight and effective way to perform this you have to Position yourself on the edge of a chair with hands resting on it and palms down. Keeping your legs extended, gradually slide off the chair and side by side lowering yourself. Try to position your arms at a 90-degree angle prior pulling yourself back up. Repeat this many times for one set.

  • Jogging


Jogging is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight as it progressively burns the fats by reducing the weight. Jogging in the morning is considered as the best for weight loss as during this time your stomach is empty since long and your body has to burn the calories already stored to release energy. Ultimately it will lead in faster weight loss.

Change your Lifestyle

With the above workout plan you should also change your lifestyle and should consider several things to lose weight effectively:

  • You should know the number of servings of different types of food which you should consume in a day which is essential for healthy weight loss.
  • You should keep in mind, the foods that should avoid and try to make healthy menus for yourself.
  • Have three meals a day along with two snacks in between. For each meal, you can opt for veggies as the largest portion, following that protein, after that the carbohydrates. You can also include dairy with any meal.
  • Try to avoid drinking anything except water plus unsweetened tea. Water is considered as the best liquid for keeping you hydrated and which assists your body to burn fat. It may even help you to keep your skin clear.
  • Consider your consumption rate, but never cut anything completely. Consume things such as red meats once a week or in a month, and in this surely you’ll enjoy them more anyway.
  • Try to get enough sleep, i.e. about eight to ten hours each night.
  • Limit yourself to eat only organic plus healthy food 80 percent of the time. And for the remaining 20 percent, you can have your favorite junk food. This way, you can consume fewer calories and can control everything extra.

These are the main workout plans for teenage girls to lose weight easily. Girls frequently have a problem in controlling their weight when at teens. And the only way to control weight is to consume healthy food plus work out regularly. While teenage girls not only focus on attaining a small figure size but should also stay fit and active, so, stay updated stay fit.


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