5 Weight Loss Success Stories From All Over The World


Here are the 5 weight loss success stories from all over the world. Weight loss is on the top of the to-do list of many. However, losing weight is surely not an easy promise to make and sticking to it requires great discipline and hard work. Usually, not able to stand up to the efforts weight loss requires, people usually quit half way only.

5 Weight Loss Success Stories From All Over The World

If you are also one of those people, who took the new year resolution of losing weight in 2019 but are just scared of trying, then finally you are at the right place because here we have browsed through the internet and have searched out the most inspirational and motivational weight loss success stories from all over the world.

  1. Kevin Gendreau

Kevin Gendreau

Dr. Keven Gendreau once weighed 300 pounds and thought about how he has a chance to do wonders with his health, unlike his sister who had to surrender herself in front of a disastrous disease-cancer, proved to be life-changing for him. He opted with intermittent fasting and began with including lean proteins, lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products in his diet. Instead of going with impulse and taking a rash step, he went with a medically sound diet plan and in just 18 months the results were very much evident when he had not just lost 125 pounds of weight but also shooed away medicines for high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. Rigorous with diet for a while, now maintaining a weight of 175 pounds, he allows some more cheats in his schedule than earlier. Such weight loss success stories give you the required motivation.

  1. Rachel Saintfort


Sometimes confident personalities help us being unaffected by the comments passed on ourselves by others and it is not until some loved one becomes a prey of these offensive comments because of your fault that you really start off doing something about it. The same happened with Rachel. She was always on the bulky side but after the birth of her daughter, she reached her highest weight of 291 pounds. She tried dieting but it was not until her daughter was laughed over because of her mother’s unhealthy habits and laziness that, Rachel finally decided to make some lasting changes in her habits. Totally cutting out fast food and soda content drinks along with a three-mile walk around a lake in her town on a daily basis proved to be wonderful enough for her to lose a whopping 121 pounds.

  1. Guillermo Flores

Guillermo Flores

Fond of eating comfort and fast food while growing up, Guillermo soon started eating this kind of food all the time. At just 30 years he weighed 252 pounds and was a holder of many diseases. It was not before his mother suffered a stroke that he started to become serious about his own health. Just by swapping his previous food choices with more fruits, vegetables and lean proteins he underwent a lot of weight loss. To be more exact about how many calories he is in taking, he even installed a calorie counting app which helped him to not cross the line. All his efforts bore sweet fruits when he lost 105 pounds in a span of 18 months. Having come down from 2XL to small size, Guillermo came far away from what he was 18 months back.

  1. Ingrid Rinck

Ingrid Rinck

Ingrid while pregnant with her third child, as a way of fighting over some of her personal issues relied upon food as a soother. It was a greatly difficult time and at that time she hardly gave any thought to her drastically increasing weight which had gone up to adding 100 pounds to her weight and it was not after she delivered her baby that she vowed to adapt to some sustainable way to lose weight. Instead of depriving herself of some certain kind of food group, she aimed at eating until the point she felt completely satisfied and not stuffed. Eating small portions of food, she had three meals a day which consisted of healthy fats, vegetables, lean proteins, and carbs. Changing her point of view regarding food as a fuel to her body rather than a pleasure helped her lose all the additional 100 pounds in just 8 months.

  1. Janna Wilcox


Janna Wilcox

Substituting food as a way of fighting emotional problems can prove to be really toxic and a huge increase on the weighing scale. It is a kind of addiction which is difficult to lose unless proper help is taken. Janna was also a prey to emotional eating but it all changed for the better when she approached a certified psychotherapist for help. On the recommendation of the therapist, she began a low carb Keto diet. Initially just sticking to the diet and later including exercise in her routine not only helped her go from 203 to 143 pounds in just a matter of some months but also helped her get free from her addiction.

We hope that these weight loss success stories will boost up your determination to work hard enough to lose those extra pounds off you!


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