5 Tips To Preserve Your Child’s Hearing During The Holidays!

5 Tips To Preserve Your Childs Hearing During The Holidays

Here are the 5 tips to preserve your child’s hearing during the holidays. Summer has arrived, which means that its holiday season for the kids. It’s an exciting and fun time for the little ones who can go play around, without any homework or assignments and just think of all the fun things they get the chance to do. What’s more, for parents, it’s tied in with arranging which activities can engage, educate, and entertain their kids amid these sunny days.

Tips To Preserve Your Child’s Hearing During The Holidays

However, one serious concern among the parents is about the loud noises that can have a serious effect on their child’s ears, commonly known as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). One of the major reasons is the extensive use of personal audio technology and other savvy gadgets. At the point when not used securely, these gadgets, frequently used with headphones or earbuds, present a significant risk to a kid’s hearing. Obviously, these gadgets and devices additionally happen to top many holiday lists of things to get.

Past tech gifts, other holiday hearing dangers incorporate noisy toys for the little kids and noisy social events and gatherings, for example, concerts, parties, and shows.

It’s anything but difficult to protect children’s hearing while at the same time enjoying the best of the holidays. This is what one can do:

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  • Teach Safe Listening to the Kids

Cutting edge headphones, smart devices, earbuds, and other tech gifts are among the most popular things for children of practically all ages. The items aren’t terrible, yet it’s important to use them securely and safely.

Help the kids in protecting their ears by teaching them how to turn the volume down by keeping it at the half level and take breaks from listening to music through headphones which can greatly benefit the ears.  Also, be a model for the kids and practice the same thing when in front of the kids. This will help the kids to learn and be aware of the next time. Also, limit the listening time for the kids and give the gadgets to the kids in a specific time every day.

  • Choose the Toys or Gadgets Nicely

Certain products or features may help with volume control. Also, testing the sound level of the gadgets or toys before buying it can be helpful. Noise cancellation headphones are frequently a smart idea, as children won’t have to crank the volume up to drown out outside sound. Search for headphones or earphones that fit the child well, which will block the leakage of the sound and again decrease the need to crank the volume up to hear.

Each year, the Sight and Hearing Association discharges a rundown of noisy toys right before the holidays – ideal timing for all the Christmas shopping. According to their research, 18 out of 22 toys tested louder than 85 decibels (sound is estimated in decibels and anything higher than 85 dB, can possibly harm hearing). Parents, look at the toys that made the list and take notes!

  • Make a Slight Modification with the Noisy Toys

A simple method to decrease the noise of loud toys is to put a bit of tape over the speaker. On the other hand, one can also remove the batteries so that no sound comes out of the toy. Also, adjust the volume to a safe level then cover the volume button by simply putting tape and covering it. In an instant, the toy will become a much safer item.

Preserve Your Childs Hearing During The Holidays

  • Use Hearing Protection when in a Noisy Environment

Concerts, Holiday parties, sporting events, and other different social occasions are a part of the season. Make sure to be aware of the level of noise in these environments and use hearing protection for both the parents and the kids. Use ear muffs or ear plugs if the noise is too loud. This is the easiest, effective, and cheap way to protect the kids from hearing loss.

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  • Keep the Kids Away from Loud Noise Sources

If there is a huge event or a concert going on, do not let the kids go or stand anywhere near to the speakers or other loud sound emitters. Also, be sure to leave right away if the kid complains of the loudness or if one senses that the sound is too loud for the kids. If the sound is too loud, it can cause discomforts like ear pain and ringing. Consider exiting if the kid is covering his ear or feeling uncomfortable.

The ability to hear is precious. After all, the ears of the child are still a delicate organ and are still in the process of development. A kid’s ears cannot take much loudness compared to an adult’s ear. So it is a responsibility of the parents to preserve their kids hearing during the holiday season. Stay Safe and Enjoy the Holidays!


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