Teenage Depression – What Are The Usual Symptoms and Causes? Explained!

Teenage depression symptoms

Depression is a disease which affects thousands today and the societies are getting concerned over this mass epidemic taking lives of millions these days. The depression has wreaked havoc amongst friends and family of those close these people who choose to quit their lives. In some cases the worst possible result ends up happening, the family member ends up getting depressed as a result of the loved ones. Thus, a simple psychological condition which can be treated with some simple talks can cause major havoc.

Teenage Depression – Symptoms and Causes!

The dying adult in most cases starts getting depressed in their teenage years. These things ought to be solved in the early years to avoid further escalation later on. However, there are also a growing number of cases where teenagers are committing suicide early on in their life. In order to tackle these problems, this article is here to provide you an idea on it through Teenage depression – Symptoms and causes.

What are Depression and Teen Depression in general?

The depression may seem like another attitude problem but it really is not as simple as it seems. While the problems with bad habit can be gone in an instant when a person realizes it. However, a mental condition resulting from condition does not go right away and requires some form of counseling. Getting rid of depressive thought is not easy and one needs help and comfort of others to get rid of it. Thus, Depression can loosely be considered a form of mental health problem caused by a range of different factors where a person suffers from emotional mood swings or traumatic changes in behavior towards others and self. Similarly, teenage depression is a form of depression where a growing adolescent gets aloof, suffers from inferiority complex, and range of different problem in emotional health as progressing towards adulthood.

Teenage Anxiety symptoms

The signs of every other disease whether it’s physical or mental can be seen early on without the need for expertise in medical science. While visiting doctor for confirmation of disease is a must before subscribing a person to the medical use of drugs, checking for signs is not illegal and one should be aware of these. You should keep a regular check on your child’s behavior problems and social activities in check to help him or she is safe from depression. The signs of depression in your teenage kids are listed below in bullets.

  • The teenager suffering from depression is far away from joy even when he or she has been provided the things which he desires by parents.
  • The adolescent guy or girl probably has lost hope in life and usually has a negative outlook on things rather than a positive outlook.
  • The teenagers wish to stay alone and distance himself or herself from family and do not like joining friends for a refreshment.
  • The teen children suffering from depression exhibit signs of sleeping for a very long period of time or suffer from insomnia which keeps him or her waking for a pretty long period of time at night.
  • Your children start acting weird and are often irritated by the smallest of issues with at home and with friends. The mood swings in children suffering from depression are very high than normal.
  • Some teenagers tend to exhibit loss of appetite while others seem to eat too much due to mental health problems.
  • Some children often grow or develop lethargies toward virtual every activity while others display signs of restlessness and cannot sleep in a place

Teenage Anxiety Symptoms

The root cause of Teenage Anxiety

The exact cause of depression cannot be outlined and there are many things which can result in depression in teenage adolescents. While it’s impossible to find out the main cause there is a range of different cases which can cause depression in children.

  • A great accident which leaves an impression in the teenager’s life can lead to depression. The accident can be either a physical one or an emotional one.
  • While not all children from parents with depression suffer from it but the chances of teenagers suffering from depression increase quite significantly than with teenagers who do not suffer from it.
  • With drugs and other abusive substance getting popular in teenagers, these abusive drugs range of health problems including depression.
  • The family problems and problems occurring in friendship at school are some other reasons for depression. The negative effects of polluted social life is another leading cause of depression in teens. 


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