Stuff You Should Know Before Taking A Yoga Class

Stuff You Should Know Before Taking A Yoga Class

If you look at the past few decades you would notice that there has been an upsurge in the prevalence of yoga as part of physical and mental fitness.  professionals, celebrities, young, old- yoga is for everyone. People vouch for how astonishing this form of exercise feels apart from just being a modern obsession. Those who practice yoga would say” it’s a lifestyle rather than just bending and twisting”. But before you get started on yoga it’s important to know certain stuff so that you can ensure you understand this form of physical and mental exercise better.  

Stuff You Should Know Before Taking A Yoga Class

Most people still consider yoga to be a religion which is so untrue,  it’s a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. It targets the mind, body, and soul. Once you practice yoga you learn to understand and realize the practicing yoga enables your energies to become exuberant and ecstatic, your sensory body expands making you and your soul one.

Advantages of Yoga are as Follows:

  • Improves brain function
  • Improves sense of balance
  • Alters gene expression
  • Lower stress levels
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Relieves chronic back pain
  • Stronger Bones
  • Healthy weight
  • Increases flexibility
  • Lowers risk of heart diseases
  • Lowers blood sugar in diabetics
  • Improves lung capacity
  • Relieves anxiety

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Stuff you should Know Before Taking a Yoga Class

Yoga is about much more than fitness

Yoga was originated in the Indus Valley Civilization thousands of years ago. The art form is considered to be a philosophy of how to live well and transform yourself and how you experience daily life. It teaches one to be calm and collected and tackle life positively.  The Classical yoga also called as Raja yoga includes the right use of eight limbs. Today’s yoga is mostly concentrated on only one of these eight limbs.

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Fitness or flexibility is not necessary to start yoga

Don’t be misled by those models you see online in designer leggings twisting their bodies into various complex poses and balancing in ways that seem impossible to be true.  The truth is anyone can practice yoga.

How to choose the right type of yoga for you?

Hatha to vinyasa to yin yoga, which one is the best? hatha yoga- refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures, this type of yoga is great for beginners. Then comes the Vinyasa, which means breath linked with movement, this type focuses on flowing movements connected to your breathing. Therefore talk to your trainer and get an idea ion what is the best type o yoga for you to get started on.

Educate Yourself

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Start by simply asking, reading, and committing to the practice before making any decisions about it. Know what yoga is how it can help you mentally and physically. There are certain misconceptions that practicing yoga means practicing a new religion, which is completely untrue- yoga is an art that can be performed by anyone at any age.


When it comes to yoga dressing do send matter as long as your attire is comfortable. Your clothes should be able to sweat well and allow you to move, stretch, and breathe with ease. For ladies, a supportive sports bra, a light, comfortable T-shirt or tank are good options.

Talk to your instructor

Have a good long talk with your instructor about your body, concerns, and any past medical history if there is any.  You can talk to him or her privately before the class.

I hope you found this article, “ Stuff you should know before taking a yoga class”, useful. One of the many reasons I love yoga is because I truly believe it is the ultimate mind, body and soul equalizer, I love the fact that yoga makes me peaceful, flexible and positive. If you haven’t ever tried yoga do try it and am sure you too will fall in love.


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