5 Startling Workouts You Can Do With Your Boyfriend


This article is on, 5 startling workouts you can do with your boyfriend. Since people are looking for ways to get fitter and better, why not take advantage of your boyfriend. Let’s get started, these workouts sure are going to get surprised because they are fun, easy, romantic and effective.

5 Startling Workouts You Can Do With Your Boyfriend

Workouts are better when they are done with someone you love and care for. Haven’t you heard the phrase, “ some things are done better together.”  research and studies have proved that work is much more effective when you work out with your partner rather than going solo.

Working out as a team will increase the commitment, spirits, and accountability. Also if you are going to work out together you can also support each other out making the workout program much more consistent and result oriented.

Instead of waiting for health issues to come looking for you, it’s better to be late than never, grab your partners hands and get going.  

Draw Hearts with Legs

Draw Hearts with Legs

To begin with, this form of workout, grab your partners hands and sit on the floor side by side. Sit back (partially lying back on our forearms) now start lifting your legs and rounding the spine. Now lift your legs, hold your belly button down and draw half heart with your legs. Few reports this can get pretty intense, once you do a few reps switch sides and repeat. Draw that heart as perfect as you can with your legs.

Lunge and Full-Body Rotation

Stand side by side, one of you hold the resistance band with one end in your right hand and the other in your left.start apart from each other till you feel a resistance in the band, the person standing inside the band lunch forward- sink into a lunge with both knees bent about 90 degrees, back straight and holding your core tight. The other partner holding the band rotate away from each other, twist only your upper body and not giving pressure to the lower back. Do a repeat 8 to 12 times depending on your comfort level and endurance.

Resistance Band Chest Press



The best part about using a resistance band is the fact that it is versatile. Here is a simple resistance band workout you can do with your boyfriend, okay, to explain this the best I can ill mention you and your partner as partner A and partner B. Partner A holds both ends of the resistance band, the loop is left handing behind, now partner be will become the anchor by stepping back and pulling the loop creating some tension.

Now A can raise both hands to sides of the body, elbows bend outward at 90 degrees, now just like you-you would do resistance pull in the gym, push the resistance band forward while partner b pull it back adding maximum resistance. Do this exercise for about 8 to 12 reps. Now switch positions. This a cool and fun workout to get those tightly toned biceps.

Overhead Pass With Squat

Time to tone up that romance, this cool work out can be done with a medicine ball or a simple play ball. Stand back to back with your partner. Hold the medicine ball overhead then both of you squat down, heating up things a bit, one partner will start by rolling the ball between legs for the other partner to pick up and start again. Repeat this workout for about 8 to 12 reps and then switch.

Sit-Up Pass

Sit-Up Pass

Wanna rock those hard abs, then get ready, because this workout will crush that stubborn core fat. Both partners lie, flat on the floor or on a yoga mat. Position yourself faceup, knees bent, feet flat on the floor with ankles overlapping. Hold the ball overhead, contract your abs and sit up, bringing the ball along with your facing the partner pass the ball over to your partner and go back down, your partner will now come up and pass the ball back to you. Repeat this partner crunches for about 8 to 12 reps till your core burns.

Forward-Backward Lunge With Pass

Forward-Backward Lunge With Pass

A little bit of fun and a little bit of fat burn. one of you will lunge forward while the other simultaneously lunge backward. Now stand facing each other about one foot apart. Partner A can start by holding the medicine ball at chest and step forward with her right feet now your partner will step backward with his left foot. Both of you sink into a lunge by bending the front and back knees 90 degrees. Now pass the medicine ball the ball to your partner. Repeat this a few steps before switching sides.

I hope you enjoyed trying out these 5 startling workouts you can do with your boyfriend. Let me know much much worked for you in my comments box. Remember “couples who sweat together stay together.”


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