5 Side Effects Of Eyelash Extension – Hidden Dangers!

5 Side Effects Of Eyelash Extension

Here are the 5 effects of eyelash extension. To beautify your own natural lashes, eyelash extensions are designed to be a long lasting solution. Eyelashes have the power to transform your face to more gorgeous. Its gaining popularity worldwide because of its natural look and long-lasting effect. This article helps to find everything about eyelashes and the risks of eyelash extension.

Eyelash is made up of natural materials such as silk or from synthetic plastic materials. They are single lashes, placed on your eyelashes one at a time by a professional cosmetologist. It can take up to 2 hours to apply and it also helps to eliminate the use of mascara.

Side Effects Of Eyelash Extension

To avoid getting infection its important to take the proper precautions or choose an experienced, licensed technician. And the other important factor is to keep your eyes closed during the procedure to avoid getting adhesive or adhesive vapor into your eye. Here are 5 side effects you need to know?

  • Eye Infection

Eye Infection

It is important to look for an experienced and reputable professional for the procedure because the process of attaching eyelash extension is very dangerous since the tools come close to your eyes. Due to the virus and bacteria that can get on them, eyelash extension can be dangerous according to some studies.

  • Damage to Natural Eyelashes

Artificial eyelash can damage the natural eyelash, according to some experts its, a condition called Traction Alopecia will be affected if too much strain on the hair follicle of natural eyelashes. Due to this condition, there is found permanent hair loss in some people.

  • Eye Sensitivity

The glue which has been used to stick the eyelash can cause sensitivity and irritation. This adhesive can create rashes and irritation for the people have sensitive skin. Because of this eye irritation and sensitivity, it can lead to eye damage or even vision loss.

  • Feel Painful

Feel Painful

Your eyes feel painful when you use it because of the irritating materials and also your eyes may get the infection and get inflammation like Blepharitis which is called the dryness that causes often. The materials from the eyelash extensions will irritate your eyes surrounding skins. It’s better to do the eye exam before you use the eyelash extension to find whether you are suitable.

  • Break or Thin Out

Don’t pull, tug or rub at your eyes this should be avoided because this can also cause your eyelashes to break or thin out. The less you are to hurt your own lashes, the gentler you treat your eyelash extensions.

May Not Be Right For You, If You Have,

  • Broken skin or irritated eyelids
  • Skin reaction to products such as eye makeup, eyedrops, or eye medication.
  • Allergic to the ingredients used in the glue, prep or removal products.
  • Undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation

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Hope this article will help you to take care of natural eyelash. Eyelash extension is great for confidence and can give your eyes a beauty boost. In case if you have some certain medical conditions or allergies you may off with plain old mascara.


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