Scientifically Proven Ways To Get Over A Bad Breakup

Scientifically Proven Ways To Get Over A Bad Breakup

Breakup is devastating and anyone who has been through one would agree that it’s a hell hole. Though most people emerge from it intact over time some struggle. This can lead to insomnia, intrusive thoughts and even reduced immune function. In situations like this even, the strongest person might struggle to find their purpose in life if the relationship was that serious.

Here Are Some Of The Best And Scientifically Proven  Ways To Get Over A Bad Breakup

No Stalking

I know today social media just makes it difficult for us to ignore or forget someone, even blocking the person might not work. This can be hard and might need you to have high levels of self-control. But it’s a strict NO-NO if you want to recover. So next time you wake up at night dreaming about your ex and have your hands itching to just take a sneak peek into the persons Instagram or twitter account just get out of bed, watch a movie.

Find Yourself

free you

A change is the most welcome when one is going through a breakup, getting a new hair cute, joining the gym, giving yourself a makeover, switching town, retreating from social media for a while are all proven ways to get over a breakup effectively.

Get Rid of Anything that Reminds You of Your Ex

bad memories

Throw out the cards,  letters, gifts, burn those photos or if that’s difficult to pack up everything and dump them in the attic where you are unlikely to go dig. Stop messaging, calling or even meeting the person for a while. Go out with old friends, hang out, meet new people, get involved in games, fitness. All this an bring back your confidence and also take your focus away from all the negativity the relationship left you in.


If it’s all too much for you to take in and you feel that crushing sensation in your chest, just pop in an aspirin. It turns out that science has proven that pain isn’t physical, and help control your physical manifestations.

Don’t Dwell

mental illness after breakup

Dwelling get you nowhere, things that happened has happened and cannot be changed.rerouting all conversations examining them, again and again, and again isn’t going to change anything nor may things any better. If at all you are going to feel is a longing toward that person which can make recovering a much difficult task. Letting go of what has happened and look forward to new things.

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Self-care is the most important whether you are going through a break-up or not. Love yourself read books on self-motivation. Know it’s not your fault, treat yourself to love and compassion. Know nobody can love you more than you love yourself. Give yourself time to grieve, let time do the healing, cry it out. Take your time. Things can get better over time.

To get over a breakup, people need to change their way of thinking. Regulation and keeping yourself from going back to your past can be just as difficult as getting over drug or alcohol addiction. The more you try to let go the more you crave. To make a lasting change, you’ll probably have to regulate your love feelings regularly. Try to think about the things that went wrong rather than the good ones. Remember the times you were hurt, this can help you get you’re the fondness you feel for the person.

I hope you found the above article interesting and these tips helped you get over your heartbreak. I understand that things are easier said than done but give your self-time and there is nothing that time cannot heal. Good luck!


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