6 Types Of Push Ups For Female Beginners At Home

Easy Pushups for Female Beginners at Home

Struggling to do push-ups? then, here are some easy Push-ups for Female Beginners to do from home. I have always looked with awe at people who do pushups, be it, men or women, push-ups were one thing that I could not do,  no matter how hard I tried it. I nearly gave up thinking it was impossible. I did alternative exercises to make me feel less guilty that I just couldn’t master doing push-ups. But today…

6 Unique Push-ups for Female Beginners at Home

I can do about 30 push-ups (in sets of 15 x 15). I know it’s not a big deal when there are people out there doing 100’s and 500’s, but for someone who couldn’t even do one without falling back down, I am proud of my achievement. How?

Instead of finding excuses as I once  did, get your yoga mats and shoes ready

That’s why I write this article, for women out there who are like me, I could confidently say now – pushups are easy and has some benefits that no other exercise can give you- so instead of finding excuses as I once  did, get your yoga mats and shoes ready, because we are doing pushups and I am going to help you get there step by step.

Easy Pushups for Female Beginners at Home

Before getting into our topic- 6  Types of push-ups for female beginners at home. I would like to give you an intro on pushups and the actual benefits of this particular type of workout- now you’ll also know why you shouldn’t give up push-ups. So why do you think in it about every fitness routine, magazine articles, boot camps, martial arts etc push-ups are included?

Simple, because push-ups are a serious and mandatory total body calisthenic exercise. But since women have lesser upper body strength compared to men, we find it a little difficult to master it.

What Are the Total Benefits of Push-ups for Women?

  1. Doing push-ups regularly will help women bring more strength into their upper body. Also if you do it regularly, it will help you get rid of those upper arm bags, help you get toned and defined arms, improve the should breast and back muscles as well. And yea, No!, you are not going to look like a man.
  2. Push-ups also help to improve the ability to control the posture and movement of a woman’s torso. once a woman starts doing push-ups every day her posture and balance improves also helps to get rid of back pain in the long run.

How many Push-ups should a woman be doing per day?

Start with 5 to 10 push-ups and gradually improve till you can do about 20 push-ups without taking too much strain. Also between the reps do take a few minutes to relax the body.

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6  Types of Push-ups for Female Beginners at Home

Initially, when you start off with pushups there are easy as well as difficult forms of push-ups. Start off with simple forms so that you gradually gain more core and arm strength so that you can slowly increase your difficulty level.

Before starting off on 6  types of push-ups for female beginners at home, The most important step is to warm up your muscles, this will reduce the risk of injury and ligament tear. For warm up, you can go for exercises such as walking at a brisk pace or slow jogging,  jump rope and basic stretches. Also make sure you stretch the muscles of your arms, shoulders, back, and chest. Let’s get started!

Wall push-ups

how to do push ups for female beginners at home

Wall push-ups are perfect for a beginner, and perfect for female beginners. This workout can be done easily at home and all you need is a wall. People with wrist, elbow or shoulder discomfort will especially benefit from this workout.  Stand in front of a wall with your hands against the wall at shoulder height, Keep your feet aligned and move back a few inches away from the wall so that you’re at an angle with the wall surface. How far you move away from the wall determines the intensity of the workout. Bend your elbows to bring your face closer to the wall. Straighten your arms as breath out, along with this push your torso and face away from the wall, as you inhale bend your elbows and get back to the initial position. Repeat this Push-ups for Female Beginners at home 20 times with zero resting time to get your body really worked up.  

Knee Push-ups

Best pushups for female beginners at home

Lie flat, face down, on an exercise mat, Place your hands at shoulder height and a little wider away from your ribs, make sure your thumbs will be right under your armpits. Now Breathe in and go down and get back up again.  Do this in reps of 3 with 12 sets each. Knee push-ups are great as it strengthens the core muscles, peeks the metabolic rate of your body and reduces bone loss.

Incline Push-Ups

Push ups for female beginners

Place your hands on the inclined surface with your hands parallel to your shoulder height and a tad bit wider than your armpits. Bend your elbows such that it creates a 45-degree angle with your body. When your upper arms are parallel to the surface where you are planning to do your push-up, stop, now extend your elbows to return to the initial position, repeat this exercise in 3 sets with 12 reps per set. The more incline you create the more difficult the push-up becomes. I would recommend you to gradually increase your intensity rate by making use of these Push-ups for Female Beginners at home.

Once you get the hang of the basic push-ups and you are easily able to do these then it’s time to switch to higher levels,

Basic Push-up

Best pushups for female starters

Get into plank position, with your hands under but slightly outside of your shoulders, Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Repeat this exercise in 3 sets with 12 reps per set. If you do these Push-ups for Female Beginners at home regularly, you will not feel any struggle to do the rest.

Ballistic Pushup

In this type of push up, get into a half or full pushup position, now gradually lower your body as if you would do with your normal pushups. Once you get the lower portion than to push up with all your force come up and clasp your hands and then go back down.  These push-ups are great to tone the body and tone your arms.

Stacked-feet Pushup

Female pushups

This is one of the difficult forms of pushup and the one I dream to do someday,  to do this workout set a barbell in a power rack at about chest height and get into pushup position. Maintain the form and do 12 reps of the pushup. I hope my list of 6  types of push-ups for female beginners at home help you the way it helped me. Good luck!


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