10 Pregnancy Superfoods For Brain Development Of Your Baby!


This article is on 10 Pregnancy Superfoods for Brain Development of your baby. Pregnancy is one of-of the most crucial and critical time in a woman’s life as well as those who surround her. Along with the health of the mother, the health of the baby too needs to be given utmost thought and care.  

Best Pregnancy Superfoods for Brain Development

Especially the food a mother-to-be consumes is very critical for the development and growth of the fetus. And, pregnant women require high levels of magnesium, folic acid, potassium, protein, calcium, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids.  This article is especially for a super mom wanting to have super food for super baby.

Let’s get started on 10 Pregnancy Superfoods for Brain Development:


Best pregnancy foods for brain development

Salmon is an oily food that is one the best source of protein and  omega-3 fatty acids. Incorporating salmon into your diet for the next nine months will help in giving the baby a boost in brain development. The omega-3 fatty acids contain two of the main brain developing essential ingredients like the  DHA and EPA. DHA and EPA are two ingredients that scientists have associated to affect the baby’s IQs, motor skills and fewer neurological health. Apart from just the brain Omega-3s are good for the development of the baby’s eyes. You might have come across warning regarding high mercury contents in seafood, but salmon here is low in mercury considered safe for moms to be, but even then the salmon intake limit is two to three servings of four ounces each week.


Baby brain development foods

Eggs are a gold standard for parental protein, no matter if you like, scrambled, hard-boiled or served as an omelet. Apart from just protein, eggs also seem to be a great source  They also happen to be a great source of choline, folate, and iron. That’s why it is among the 10 Pregnancy Superfoods for Brain Development. Instead of eating the white along, rep the whole benefits of an egg by eating this as a whole. As mentioned above choline in the egg is what reduces the risk of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. Eggs are probably one of the best and cheapest ways to feed your baby’s brain with protein.


how to improve baby brain development during pregnancy

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of nutritious such as fiber vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C, iron, copper and beta-carotene. vitamin A plays an important role in the development of eyes, bones, and skin- the same applies to your baby too.  If you hate having sweet potatoes mashed or boiled you can make yummy french fried out of them.

  1. NUTS

how to increase iq of baby during pregnancy

Nuts are convenient and crunchy loaded with healthy fats. After salmon, nuts are the second rich carriers of brain-boosting omega-3s,  protein, fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals. Snacking on magnesium-rich foods helps reduce the risk of premature labor and also in the development of the baby’s nervous system. Try to keep a stash of almonds in your purse, a cup of sliced almonds contains nearly 250 mg of magnesium. Almonds are also great to get rid of cravings


what to eat during pregnancy to make baby intelligent

If you are someone who is not much into meat, beans and lentils are great sources of protein, iron, folate, fiber, and calcium. If you like baked beans then things are for the better as baked beans contain more zinc so they’re a great option for vegetarian and vegan moms-to-be. Beans when baked ones are also bursting with Zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral that’s linked to a lower risk for preterm delivery, low birth weight, and prolonged labor. If you are allergic to beans you can replace that with meat, chicken, milk, fortified cereals, cashews, peas, crab and oysters. So many yummy choices out there, why should one restrict to certain foods.


how to get intelligent baby during pregnancy

Lean meat is a great source of protein, similarly, lean beef and pork are also packed with iron and B vitamins. A pregnant woman’s body needs a lot more protein to help the baby to grow and grow with better muscle development. Lack of protein and iron l can impair a baby’s growth and increase the risk of preterm delivery and low birth weight. Also if you want to prevent yourself from becoming anemic, the red blood cells in the body need to be developed and there is no better source for that than lean meat.  During pregnancy, your blood volume needs to be about 27 milligrams a day, which can be achieved through the proper intake of iron. Meat is also a supplier of vitamins B6, which helps baby’s tissue and brain growth while providing relief to moms nausea and morning sickness.


best foods for baby brain development

Plain yogurt contains more calcium than milk which is why I have added this in my top 10 Pregnancy Superfoods for Brain Development.  Yogurt is an essential bone-building formula with nutrients, including protein, B vitamins, and zinc. We know that calcium is essential for keeping your bones and teeth healthy therefore skipping on yogurt or other sources of calcium could be critical for the baby. Expectant moms are expected to have about  1,000 mg of calcium a day to reduce the risk of low birth weight and preterm delivery. Lack of calcium in the body could lead to osteoporosis in both the mother and the baby. So next time you are a hungry snack on some plain or fruit mixed greek yogurt.


how to improve baby brain development during pregnancy

One glass of orange juice in the morning will help you fill up on folate, potassium and loads of vitamin C.Folate and folic acid is a necessary nutrient for preventing certain birth defects early on in pregnancy, and also for ensuring a healthy pregnancy. Recommendedended amount of folate and folic acid is about 400 micrograms a day. The potassium content in orange juice is important to develop and keep the muscle function, metabolism and overall health in check. Like iron, pregnant women need to consume more potassium because of their expanding blood volume. And as you already know, orange juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, which, in addition to fighting colds, helps your body better absorb iron and keeps both yours as well as the baby’s teeth and bones are healthy.

I hope this article on 10 Pregnancy Superfoods for Brain Development helped you have wonderful motherhood, share with us your thought and comments.


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