Popular Japanese Skin Care Facials That Work Like Magic – Must Try!

Popular Japanese Skin Care Facials That Work Like Magic

When it comes to Japanese they never seem to age, this fact has caught global attention. If you have noticed the current beauty trends are mostly inspired by the Japanese skin care and their products have grabbed global attention. Peel pad, sheet masks, oils, bubble mask the kinds of innovative skincare range of Asia is extraordinary.

Popular Japanese Skin Care Facials That Work Like Magic

These women look fresh and young when as they grow old- have the really cracked the beauty game? We have found out some of the beauty cares of these women and you would be shoed to hear them.

So if you are ready to, grab a book and a cup of hot green tea, you are in for a treat.

Rub your food on your face!

Lol, am kiddings guys, well maybe not completely kidding. We all know using food as a part of a beauty routine is no new information. In ancient Japan adzuki beans were used exfoliate the skin, these beans are rich in antioxidants. These beans are crushed as used as a face exfoliator, apart from this the Japanese women also love to rub fruits and veggies on the face for that extra fruity and fresh glow.

japaneese women

Go gentle

Japanese women swear to use only gentle products on their face. The gentler the product, the better!  Also, they prefer products that are low in alcohol. Have you heard of skin softening products, well these Asian beauties prefer softners over toners? Also for these ladies cleansing the face right before going to bed in a must do.

Massage is the key

Massing the skin increases blood flow, good blood flow means soft and flushed skin. If you look into the beauty routine of these beauties, they never forget to pamper themselves at the spa once in a while. Massing your skin with oils, getting a scalp and full body massage can do a whole lot different to not just your skin but can help you get that inner supple glow.

Drink Green Tea

Drink a hot cup of tea not just any tea, but green tea. Green tea which is loaded with antioxidants is the sacred tradition in Japanese culture. If you love the sour taste you can also apply the tea tropically. To use green tea as a face toner, brew two cups of green tea and let cool then apply it to your face with a cotton ball, this can help one is reducing marks and pores leading to soft and supple baby like skin.  

japaneese woman facial

Take Baths

Yea,  I know that’s silly because of we all bath. But the Japanese bathing routine is much more than our normal dip. Onsen bathhouses if you haven’t heard of them involves scrubbing the body with heavy exfoliants and then submerging in a steaming hot bath enriched with oils.  This kind of bath before bed can also help you get a good sleep.

Facial Oils

Facial oils are an important part of the Japanese beauty routine.  Two of the most popular beauty oils used by Japanese women are Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil and the Shu Uemura Ultime 8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil. these beauty oils are rich in vitamins and other skin essentials that help in keeping the skin look young and rejuvenated.   If you don’t want to spend so much then rice bran oil works just the same.

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I hope you found the above article, “ Popular Japanese skin care facials that work like magic”, helpful. Japanese beauty secrets are many and very effective. I personally love using rice water as a cleanser and hair wash and guess what guys it worked wonders for me. If you have any Japanese formula that worked for you share in the comments box. Let’s explore beauty together.


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