Panalean Review – A Good Weight Loss Pill? What Are The Potential Risks?

Panalean Review

In this Panalean review, I shall discuss a weight loss supplement that has taken the market by storm due to its excellent ability to burn fat and help one lose weight naturally. The supplement is called Panalean supplement and has been made with herbal ingredients by Dr. C. K. Peng and his team of well-renowned scientists at Biogenic Wellness. This Panalean review is completely unbiased and has been written after conducting in-depth research on the product. We all will agree that the struggle to stay in shape in today’s society, where 80 percent of the population is health conscious, is real. While for some, weight loss is no big deal, for some nothing – no pill, no diet, no form of exercise seems to work.

Panalean Review – Does This Weight Loss Supplement Provide Any Result?  

Panalean weight loss pills are for the second category of people who have tried every means to lose weight but have failed. The all-natural formula in the Panalean weight loss supplement has been time-tested and also scientifically tested for its efficiency and efficacy. Proven to be free of side-effects and completely safe for consumption, the Panalean pill is an answer to the prayers of all those people who have been waiting for a product to help them lose weight naturally.

Product Name Panalean
Ingredients Natural & Proven Ingredients
Side Effects No Major Side Effects
Price $59.95
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website

What is Panalean Supplement?

The Panalean pill is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Biogenics Wellness. The pills are known to increase energy and enhance fat burning. It is known to improve the rate of metabolism, the immune system, and also increase muscle density. The pills are also known to lower cholesterol levels, stabilize blood sugar levels, and normalize blood pressure. The pills are made from pure herbal ingredients and the formula is backed by science and time tested as well. The pill works to reduce stubborn body fat from all parts of the body that had refused to budge despite all the workouts, diet, and other weight loss pills consumed by you.

Each Panalean weight loss pill is 100 percent safe to consume and is made from ingredients that have been sourced from the best natural sources. It works on both men and women. After sourcing the ingredients, each of them is individually studied and tested in the laboratory for their efficiency. A high standard of quality control is maintained to ensure that the pill is not just safe to be consumed but also the best. Made in the USA, the Panalean supplement is also verified for potency and purity by specialized ISO 17025 third-party laboratories. And going by the Panalean customer reviews, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the product and get a complete refund.

Who is the Panalean weight loss pills manufacturer? 

Biogenic Wellness is the manufacturer of Panalean weight loss pills. Research for the product was initially started by Dr. C. K. Peng, a renowned medical researcher at Harvard. Dr. Peng put together a team of talented scientists who worked together with him for around a decade to test two Chinese herbs that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for ages and could be used to create a revolutionary pill that could increase the rate of metabolism and help one lose weight in a natural way.

Biogenic Wellness, based in the United States, is a supplement manufacturer that has been creating natural products suitable for everyone, irrespective of age. While Biogenics Wellness manufactures natural health supplements, the brand also believes that the secret to a healthy lifestyle is eating right and leading an active life. The Panalean weight loss supplement is one of their best products to date that helps the body to lose weight by shifting to an active fuel-burning state. The Biogenics Panalean reviews left by users prove that the pill does what the manufacturer claims.

What are the Panalean Ingredients?

What makes Panalean pills stand out from its competitors in the market is that it has an only natural ingredient list sourced from the best sources. The product is made by complying with the strictest of cGMP standards and is tested by third-party laboratories too. The pill works with the internal mechanism of the body to help one lose stubborn body fat. Owing to its natural composition, the product does not show any negative health effects and can be included in the daily diet without a worry. The following are some of the Panalean ingredients that have been sourced from safe and natural resources.

Panalean Ingredients

  • Astralagus – One of the primary ingredients of the Panalean weight loss pills, the Astralagus root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries as claimed by various Panalean reviews. Also known as Milkvetch, it can be found in China, Mongolia, and Siberia. Considered a magical herb that is an adaptogen (meaning it can adapt to the body’s need and change its function based on the specific needs of the body) the Astralagus has numerous health benefits. Astralagus is known to help with treating upper respiratory problems, diabetes, arthritis, lowering cholesterol, normalizing blood pressure, and even common ailments like a cold. It also reduces stress, provides relief from allergies, keeps the heart healthy, and boosts the immune system. It also has anti-aging properties and treats insomnia and other sleep disorders.
  • Ginseng – The Ginseng root contains natural chemicals called ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are known to carry anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and vasorelaxation properties. There are two varieties available in the world – the Asian one that is found in China and Korea and the American variant. While the former is of a warmer variety, the latter has a cooling nature. Besides aiding in weight loss, Ginseng also has a lot of other benefits. It revitalizes the body and mind, controls hypertension, and restores hormonal balance. Being rich in antioxidants, ginseng root keeps the heart healthy and keeps the skin in a good condition too. Ginseng is also known to increase male libido, lower cholesterol level, regulate blood sugar levels, and strengthen the immunity too.
  • Niacin – Niacin, a form of Vitamin B3, is not directly related to weight loss. However, it keeps your energy levels high and including enough Vitamin B3 in the diet helps you shed those extra kilos. if you look into various Panalean review, you will notice that Niacin also improves cholesterol levels and reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Taken in the required amount, Niacin can help lowers bad cholesterol and keeps the heart safe and healthy.
  • Fiit-NS – This is the fourth ingredient of the Panalean weight loss supplement. It comprises of some amazing natural ingredients like black carrot, grape, grapefruit, green tea, and guarana. These ingredients get together to form an excellent composition that is loaded with antioxidant properties and has many health benefits. They aid in weight loss, increase the rate of metabolism, and also increase your level of energy. Overall, they help to improve the quality of life to a great extent.

All these ingredients are sourced from the best places and are tested and studied in the laboratory for their effectiveness. After going through several tests, the exact quantity of each ingredient is used to form the Panalean weight loss pills. They are free of chemicals and are safe to be consumed by all, irrespective of age and gender. However, to better understand how these ingredients help to lose weight, you can check out the Panalean reviews online that speak of the benefits in details.

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What is the correct Panalean Dosage?

Panalean is a dietary supplement and must be taken along with a meal. You can either take two capsules daily with meals, once during breakfast and once during dinner or speak to a physician to know the right dosage for you. As per various Panalean reviews, it is suggested that one must not take more than two capsules a day as it does not guarantee better results. Drink adequate water after consuming the pills.

While the effects of the pills depend on the body type and the amount of fat stored in the body, the manufacturer claims that guaranteed Panalean results can be noticed within four weeks of consumption. So, if you have been wondering if Panalean supplement is legitimate, you must read the reviews left behind by customers from all corners of the world who have been able to shed weight after taking the pills.

Panalean Weight Loss Pills

How Does Panalean Supplement Work?

Weight gain and stubborn fat that refuse to budge is one of the most common problems faced by many across the globe. When no amount of exercise and diets help, the Panalean supplement  is the all-natural pill you can turn to for help. It is known to combine the exact ingredients that aid in weight loss in just the right amounts. These ingredients help to switch on the fat burning mode of the body by restoring the stores of AMPK (Activated Protein Kinase). It also improves your metabolism rate, regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and gets rid of the junk mitochondria in the body too. As per Panalean customer reviews, it has been noted that you start to lose weight and get slim gradually and your muscles also start to get stronger and denser. Overall, the Panalean pills work beautifully by targeting all the stubborn fat stored in various parts of your body. And what’s best is that you do not have to go on a stringent diet or indulge in strenuous workouts.

Panalean pill side effects

What are the  Benefits of Panalean Weight Loss Pills? 

  • Panalean pills cleanse and detoxify your body in a natural way and remove the free radicals
  • The capsule increases the glucose entry into the muscle cells with enhanced utilization. This makes your muscles work even when it is at rest
  • It turns on the fat burning mechanisms in the body by mobilizing fat stores
  • The diet pills help to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the body
  • The pills reverse the signs of aging
  • Panalean pills control your appetite and block fat cells in the body
  • The Panalean diet pills are suitable for both men and women
  • The supplement is not an ordinary weight loss solution. It also possesses other health benefits

Since the Panalean weight loss pills have an all-natural composition, they are 100 percent safe to be consumed by all. While the manufacturer claims that there are no adverse health effects, it doesn’t harm to stay cautious. So, just to be sure that you are not allergic to any of the natural ingredients used in the pill, talk to a physician or get an allergy test done. Also, do not take the pill if you are below 18 years of age. You can also read Panalean reviews by users who have described their personal views about the pill and its effects online.

Panalean Bonuses

Where to buy Panalean Pills?

The Panalean pills are only available on the Panalean website ( Currently, it is not available on any store, online or offline. Along with the product, you also get the following three guidebooks – 7 Breakfast Secrets For Burning Fat & Staying Energized All Day Long, Combat Belly Fat by Controlling Cortisol, and Sneaky Calorie Burners Anyone Can Do

How Much Does Panalean Pills Cost?

One bottle of 60 pills cost $59.95, a pack of three bottles costs $119.90, and a pack of six bottles costs $289.75. Shipping is free for US customers and it takes up to seven working days for it to get delivered.

Panalean Free Trial

The Bottom Line

I hope you liked this Panalean review. If you have been overweight for too long if you increasing belly fat has been bothering you, if the inches on your waistline do not seem to stop growing, and if you can’t fit into your favorite dress because of your weight, it is time to wake up and do something about it. What, you ask? The answer is to get home Panalean pills. This all-natural weight loss supplement is a great product that does not only help you shed the extra kilos naturally but also helps you improve your quality of life. It helps you deal with many other health issues like blood sugar levels, stress management, insomnia, high levels of cholesterol, aging, etc. It works silently, curing all these health issues, and helps you build a healthy body that you will fall in love with once again. If you are still not convinced, you can go through the Panalean reviews left by customers who have discussed their weight loss journey and how Panalean weight loss pills played an active role in it.

Panalean $59.95


The Panalean pill is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Biogenics Wellness. The pills are known to increase energy and enhance fat burning. It is known to improve the rate of metabolism, the immune system, and also increase muscle density.


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