5 Mental Obstacles To Overcome For Weight Loss


Do you know the 5 Mental Obstacles to overcome for Weight loss? Every day we read and see so many weight loss plans, workout plans, celebrities flaunting gym looks, weight loss stories etc…so what’s stopping us from going there? For those who have been there, we know that losing weight is as much as a mental battle as it’s a physical battle. A persons mind and body have to have the same set of goals to lose those extra kilos. Which means overcoming the Mental Obstacles for Weight Loss.

5 Mental Obstacles To Overcome For Weight Loss

If you have ever tried a weight loss plan then you would know what I am talking about. I have tried following endless diets and workout plan took it with me straight for a maximum of one month- a party or my mom’s homemade goodies is all it takes to break me. Then I have to start right from the beginning. This cycle has been going on for me for some time and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Sadly weightloss experts don’t address the psychological barriers one has to go through and overcome for effective weight loss.

1. Bored with your Healthy Routine.

This is my biggest problem, I easily get bored with my diet and I struggle to keep away from the yummy junkies. Boredom is a devil in disguise, it could lead you to give up on fitness and healthy eating habits even before you actually get started. This is why most of us fail to see any weight loss results. Studies show that boredom can lead to unhealthy eating. I loved to snacking when am bored, and french fries used to be my absolute fav.

Weight Loss

How can you tackle this obstacle?

Always keep changing your menu and your fitness activities. Try cooking the same food in different methods, if you had frozen food and vegetable try grilling them add in some spices. And when you snack grab nuts, dry fruits, crackers etc. Also if you are bored with the same gym routine try Zumba, aerobics, HIIT, or even pilates. This way you would not be bored and you can learn new stuff. In no time you will be surprised that the progress you have made.

2. Overeating to Fight Stress

Every day at work is stressed out, especially in today’s lifestyle. According to research scientists, stress not only triggers the habit of overeating but it also makes us more reliable on food because stress makes food taste better. This happens because every time we eat under stress an opioid release takes place in the brain. Causing compulsive overeating which can later become a neurological habit if not taken care of. Apart from this our body also releases a hormone known as cortisol which plays a key role in making the food taste better and making us feel positive.

Here is how you can take care of this obstacle

In order to avoid munching on goods, when you are stress, the most important thing you can do is identify the reason of stress, try to acknowledging the issue and distracting your self. Writing a journal is said to help in relieving stress.you can also talk to a friend, go for a walk or read a book. Yoga is one of the best physical and mental exercise to bust stress, hence performing yoga on a regular basis can help you a great deal.

3. Worrying About the After Effects

Most of the people are scared to start their weight loss journey worrying about the fact that they will regain all the weight loss one day. Fear is a real emotion that causes us distress. You might have had a relapse after you did all that hard work, this might keep keeping you from trying again. The fear of failure is understandable and common in all aspects of life. Hence it’s important to tackle fear and focus on your goals also if you have failed badly once remember if you do it once then you can do it again no matter what happens after that.

Here is how you can bid adieu to fear,

Focus on the bigger picture such as you being able to wear your dress or being more confident or looking younger. It’s also very important to understand that a healthy and fit lifestyle is not a small process meant to be followed for few days, it’s a lifestyle change that going to stay with you till your last day on earth. Hence minor failures cause nothing when compared to the final result that you get.it would also do a lot if you set both short-term and long-term goals, this will help you achieve your goals easier.

Mental Obstacles To Overcome For Weight Loss

4. Not Sure Where to Start.

This is the most common obstacle. When I started dieting I was overloaded with information that I was not sure where to start. Counting calories, crash diet, detox cycle, quick fix fitness regimes are all temporarily fixed which could increase the risk of relapse. You need to realize that this kind of fitness can mess up your mind as well as body. Before starting on any diet plan you need preparation and a steady plan on what to have how to have and when. This should be laid out in the most practical manner so that you don’t end up cheating yourself.

Here is how you can take care of this obstacle

If you are confused about where to start your fitness journey never hesitate to ask for help. While everybody’s body is different and one diet that worked for your friend may not work for you, it’s still better to consult an expert to get proper guidance on what will and will not work for you.

5. Lacking Motivation.

Losing during the weight loss journey is common, just like getting bored you may feel like you don’t need to do this in the first place. This could be regretting later. Also if your friend found results in a week and you did not, this could get you down and make your drop your diet plan.


No matter what and how long it takes every one can lose weight with proper motivation an consistency. Hence don’t give up on weight loss and look at the brighter side, it worked for your friend so it’s going to work for you even if it takes a bit longer.

A Final Thought

I hope the above article on 5 Mental Obstacles to Overcome for Weight Loss helped you understand the common obstacles that most of us face during our weight loss journey and helped you get rid do of them. Lets us know your thoughts and experiences through our comments box.


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