Meditation In A Bottle Review – The Best Anxiety Supplement Available?

Meditation In A Bottle Review
Meditation In A Bottle Review – The Best Anxiety Supplement Available?
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The complete Meditation In A Bottle Review, the Supplement Pilot brings you an unabridged review of the much talked about anxiety supplement. There are some things in life which are so beautifully named that the name itself gives us a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. Meditation in a Bottle anxiety supplement certainly tops the list. And moreover, in this era of pollution, contamination and an unhealthy lifestyle; if a sweet summer beverage gives you the same result of a monk-level medication; isn’t it something better than what you could have ever thought of waiting for? Let’s get started with the Meditation In A Bottle Review.

Meditation In A Bottle Review – Is It Really The Best Anxiety Supplement Available?

Meditation in a Bottle anxiety supplement when consumed produces the same effect of Alpha Brainwaves when meditating with the same concentration level, neural coordination and deepest focus that of a monk. While consumed, Meditation in a Bottle results includes enhanced Neuroplasticity, better secretion of the prefrontal cortex (happier part of the brain), better neural coordination, blood sugar support, freedom from depression, anxiety and addiction, ease from aches and pains, enhanced mental sharpness, fortified immune system, and easier weight loss. Read the full Meditation in a Bottle review for more details.

What is Meditation in a Bottle Supplement?

Zenith Labs Meditation in a bottle pill is a no-side-effect powerful health supplement formulated from high-quality, 100% natural ingredients from different plants and herbs. While most of the commercial ‘stress-reliever’ products available over the market come with dangerous side effects and long-term effects on the nervous system. On the other hand, Zenith Labs Meditation in a bottle doctor formulated dietary supplement comes with the goodness of Alpha Brainwaves stimulation of half an hour of deep meditation.

Meditation In A Bottle Anxiety Pills

Visit the Zenith Labs website where you can see real-life Meditation in a Bottle testimonial of both men and women from all age groups. Research reports from both Oxford University and Harvard Medical School have proved that Meditation in a Bottle anxiety supplement triggers the situational balance between Cortisol and Insulin; the two most important Fat Gain hormone and stress hormone. While there could be much Meditation in a Bottle review out there which could state differently we did most of our research based on the real user reviews and the details provided in the website. Here is how the product actually works…

How does Meditation In A Bottle Anxiety Pills work?

In the year 2015, Dr. Sara Lazar had run a survey at Harvard Medical School that stamped that brains of 50 years old mediators are stronger and larger at the specific areas like memory, compassion, learning, mental focus, and self-esteem. The research also brought out that people who regularly meditate; their brain reacts much more efficiently in overcoming worry, sadness, fear, stress, and anger.

So, why can’t just everybody meditates and achieves all this goodness?

Because a meditation that will activate the Alpha Brainwaves cannot be achieved randomly or just by closing the eyes. Alpha Brainwaves medication can take years to achieve or to show any visible result. Also, a lot of other physical conditions contribute to the success of this high-concentration medication.

So, how Meditation in a Bottle anxiety supplement can do all these wonders all alone? This Meditation in a Bottle review answers the same.

Well, that’s done in 4 steps:

1. Makes the fat loss journey easier

Cortisol and Insulin: these two hormones control our body fat level. When any of these two hormones go out of balance, the other one senses a state of emergency and stores all the fat consumed in the body. The Alpha Brainwaves control the secretion of both the hormones. This way, the fat storage amount decreases to the least.

2. Controls the blood pressure and the blood sugar level

The Alpha Brainwaves are scientifically proven to control the blood pressure and the blood sugar level of the human body as well. This time also, the secret is the control over Cortisol hormone. Both the above mentioned medical conditions can be served even better with regular exercise and medication.

3. Helps to improve fatigue and mood swings

When it comes to the brain, our mood drops when the Alpha Brainwaves regulation drops. Also, go by any Meditation in a Bottle review and you’ll get to know that this medicinal supplement lifts up the ‘happiness molecules’ in the brain.

4. Drastically improves mental sharpness and memory

Are you noticing that since the last few days you are forgetting recent incidents or your important appointments? If the case is so; your brain is aging. Alert relaxation of your brain is directly associated with the Alpha Brainwaves movements. Also, with the advantage of strong Meditation in A Bottle ingredients, it actually increases the memory center size of the brain.

Already decided? Click here to get Meditation In A Bottle from their official website.

What are the Meditation in a Bottle Ingredients?

The prominent Meditation in a Bottle ingredients are Scutellaria Lateriflora, magnolia extract, Withania Somnifera, five flavor berry, Pharmagaba, holy basil, Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola Rosea, Cordyceps Sinensis, Siberian Ginseng, Ziziphus Spinosa, Epimedium Koreanum and Passiflora incarnate.

Meditation In A Bottle Ingredients

Scutellaria lateriflora or blue skullcap is used as a natural inflammatory agent when Ziziphus Spinosa maintains a healthy weight and increase muscle strength. Magnolia extract has scientifical evidence of reducing diabetes, weight loss, menopausal symptoms, stress, and digestion problem. Epimedium koreanum in Meditation in a Bottle review has been added for treating high blood pressure. Five flavor berry is a marvelous blend is one of the 50 fundamental herbs. Siberian ginseng in the Meditation in a Bottle Review is primarily added for boosting the general immune system.

Meditation in a Bottle Benefits and Disadvantages

After using this product by my own for more than a year and a half and also after closely studying Meditation in a Bottle user reviews from 50+ users (mostly from one of my psychologist friend’s client base); I’ve hardly found anybody disappointed with the result. Still, here are the most honest advantages and disadvantages of Mediation in a bottle.


  • With deep-effect meditation effect on a supplement; it can be the perfect answer for general anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia and hundreds of other psychological unwellness.
  • Unlike the actual deep medication, Meditation in a Bottle supplement will not take years to show results. This is a fast working supplement and also comes with an 8-week money back challenge.
  • Meditation in a Bottle anxiety supplement is the perfect scientific blend of logotherapy and meditation.
  • The anxiety supplement targets different types of mental and psychological drawbacks and treats differently.
  • Meditation in a Bottle anxiety pills user guide can be found in ample both in hardcopy format and over the online platforms.


  • This product is not available either on any physical store or on Amazon. You have to buy it only from their official website.
  • Meditation in a Bottle review asks you not to use this product for children under 18 years of age.
  • Meditation in a Bottle results may vary from subject to subject.

What is the Meditation in a Bottle Dosage?

Every Meditation in a Bottle anxiety supplement bottle comes with 60 capsules and 30 servings per bottle. According to the Meditation in a Bottle reviews from experts, you are advised to take 2 capsules a day after 2 heavy meals; breakfast and dinner preferably.

You are advised to take 2 capsules a day after 2 heavy meals; breakfast and dinner preferably.

The dosage may be well prescribed by your health care provider. This health supplement should be used as a supportive supplement with your daily diet and not as a substitute for any of the current medicines.

Meditation in a Bottle Side effects

The herbs and minerals based Meditation in a Bottle anxiety supplement bottle come with minimum to no side-effects. Thanks to the perfect combination of each natural ingredient produce a 100% unique blend in the industry. Meditation in a Bottle reviews work in 2 ways; by healing the mental sickness and stress of the mind as well as building you physically strong and more resistant to the infections. Daily 2 capsules of this Meditation in a Bottle results freshness and desired energy for the whole day long.

Where and How to buy Meditation in a Bottle Pills?

If you are wondering why a product that has over 2 million happy users and thousands of satisfied customer testimonials, does not sell over any physical store or on Amazon? This is to guarantee the authenticity of the product and to restrict piracy of the product.

The manufacturer of Meditation in a Bottle supplement; Zenith Labs has a very user-friendly website. Just navigate to their Meditation in a Bottle website; choose your favorite subscription pack from the 3 options available (30 day supply, 90 day supply and 6 months supply). You can pay $49 per bottle, $39 per bottle and $33 per bottle respectively. Pay $19.95 as the shipping charge and avail absolutely free shipping on the 3rd plan!

Meditation In A Bottle Free Trial

The Final Verdict

This GMO-Free, 100% natural and made in USA product is one of its kind when it comes to mimicking any neurological process; especially as delicate as deep medication.

With the help of hips of supporting documents, thousands of positive customer reviews, Meditation in a Bottle review and research paper support from Harvard Medical School, this product is not at all a scam.

Instead of going for chemical medicines with lots of long-term side effects; this all-natural Meditation in a Bottle anxiety supplement will take you to your desired dreamland of mental sharpness, memory support, blood sugar regulation and fortified immune system at the shortest time and safest way possible. Also, how could any brand provide their customers with an 8-week money-back guarantee until it is not 100% sure about what they are marketing?

Jasmine is a certified sports nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). she has a first class bachelor's degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health and a Master's degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science. Jasmine has worked as a sports nutritionist and trainer for 4 years, and has helped hundreds of people transform their physiques. She has worked with many professional athletes and teams including professional bodybuilders (men and woman). Jasmine bridges the gap between science and real-world application. She applies the latest research into her blog writing and consulting practices.


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