Ketosis And Ketoacidosis What Are The Key Differences?

Ketosis And Ketoacidosis What Are The Key Differences

If you are on a keto diet or you are someone who has been taking treatment for diabetics then you must have heard the terms ketosis and ketoacidosis. Though these two might sound very similar most people often confuse both to be the same, despite the very similar terms there two are two different things.

What Are The Differences In Ketosis And Ketoacidosis?

These ketosis and ketoacidosis have very different effects on the body. Let’s see and do a thorough understanding of Ketosis and ketoacidosis and what are the differences?

What is Ketosis?


Anybody who is on a low carb diet or is fasting the level of ketones in your blood would be higher since your body will be on ketosis this level of ketones is not high enough to cause ketoacidosis. Ketone is a chemical in the body that aid in burning fat. Ketosis that happens in the presence of ketones is not harmful or the body. Though there are various controversies about the effectiveness and sustainability of the keto diet, it’s perfectly safe when done the right way. But I would recommend that one get expert advice before getting into any kind of diet.

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What is Ketoacidosis?

Ketoacidosis is a condition that occurs mainly in diabetic patients and this condition is known as DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) and this is a complication that occurs in type 1 diabetes mellitus. This condition is life-threatening and results in dangerously high levels of ketones in the blood. This leads to blood becoming acidic in nature leading to damage o the internal organs. If prompt treatment is not taken this condition can become dangerous. The DKA is dangerous also because it takes less than 24 hours for the condition to develop.

Here are the Various Symptoms of Ketosis Vs Ketoacidosis

ketosis and ketodiasis


Ketosis is usually short term metabolic state that happens in the body when the body shifts from burning carbs to fats. People on the keto diet reduce carbs so that they can sustain ketosis for a longer period of time. While ketosis can lead to weight loss it can also lead to bad breath. Though the keto diet is considered to be safe when a person does not get enough calories it could lead to malnutrition and cause:

Stomach complaints
Feeling cold


Here are some of the Common Symptoms of Diabetic Ketoacidosis:

High levels of glucose in the blood
High levels on ketones in the urine
Dry skin
Nausea and vomiting
Pain the stomach
Memory loss
Breathing issues
When to seek help?

Concerned doctors can easily identify if you are on ketosis or ketoacidosis by conducting a blood test.  Ketosis doesn’t usually require any kind of treatment but if you have ketoacidosis is a life-threatening condition, the treatments of ketoacidosis usually involve the replacement of electrolytes,  insulin supply to the body till the levels are normal, infection screening, fluids consumption either orally or through the veins.


Ketosis and ketoacidosis both cause ketone levels in the body to rise, this is the only similarity between both. ketosis is not dangerous usually does not need any kind of treatment but ketoacidosis is a potentially dangerous complication of type 1 diabetes. When people with diabetics follow the ketogenic diet they must consult with a doctor and take the necessary steps to prevent ketoacidosis. Because the two terms look and sound similar, many people often confuse ketoacidosis with ketosis. I hope this article, “ Ketosis and ketoacidosis what are the differences?”, understand the key difference between the two terms. If anybody you know is diabetic and is following the ketogenic diet then make sure then consult with a doctor first.


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