How To Use An Inhaler With A Large Volume Spacer? Uses And Benefits!!

How To Use An Inhaler With A Large Volume Spacer

Inhaler with a large volume spacers is large, empty devices (or tubes) that are usually made of plastics or metal container with a mouthpiece and a hole for the aerosol inhaler. But many of us are not aware of “How to use an inhaler with a large volume spacer”, so in this article, I’ll help you to find how to use it.

How To Use An Inhaler With A Large Volume Spacer?

So in the coming article, you will explore the uses and benefits of using a large volume spacer Inhaler, which will help you to make use of it in the right way. Take look.

How to Use it?

How To Use An Inhaler

  • Take the cap off the puffer and shake it well.
  • Place the mouthpiece of the puffer firmly into the end of the spacer.
  • Place the mouthpiece of the spacer into your mouth and seal the lips around it
  • Breathe out through the mouth to empty the lungs. Press down on the puffer once.
  • Take one slow deep breath in through your mouth and hold your breath for 5–10 seconds. If it is difficult to hold your breath, take 4 slow breaths in and out.

Benefits of Using a Large Volume Spacer

Benefits of Using a Large Volume Spacer

  • Using puffer with a large spacer ensures that much more of the medication gets down into the lungs compared to using a puffer with a small spacer.
  • It works just as well as a nebulizer and also they are cheaper and easy to carry around.
  • Using a spacer shows that less of the medicine gets stuck in the mouth and throat.
  • It also helps to cut down the risk and the side effects in the mouth and throat such as thrush, hoarse voice and a sore throat when using steroid puffers.

Types of Spacer

There are different types of spacer that fit for different inhalers which is available on prescription. They are:

types of spacer

  1. Volumatic
  2. Aerochamber
  3. Able spacer
  4. Space Chamber Plus
  5. Compact Space Chamber Plus

How to Clean and Store your Asthma Spacer?

Keeping your spacer clean will help you to get the full benefits of the medicine each time you use it. If its a new spacer clean it before using it for the first time. So here are some tips to  help you keep your spacer clean and working properly:  

  • Take the pieces of the spacer apart.
  • Soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Use normal dishwashing liquid.
  • Leave to drip dry.
  • Do not rub dry as this causes static.
  • Do not rinse the soap off. The soap will create a thin layer inside the spacer which helps prevent static.

How to Store your Spacer?

storing spacer

When you are not using it, but keeping it in a safe place will help to keep the spacer in a good condition. So the following spacer storage tips will help you to get the best from your asthma medicines when you come to use it:

  • Don’t put your spacer in a plastic bag as this will cause it to become static which reduces the effect of the asthma medicine.
  • Keep your spacer away from dust and liquids.
  • f you carry your spacer in your bag, keep it in a sealed purse or smaller bag so it doesn’t get scratched and small objects don’t get stuck inside the chamber.

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Hope you liked this article “How to use an inhaler with a large volume spacer” and find useful. Try to use these tips so that you will get the benefits of the medicine each time you use it. Are there any questions or if you have any other suggestion and inquiries you can get in touch with me through the comments section.


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