How To Sleep Fast When You’re Not Tired And Wake Up Fresh?

How to sleep Fast When You're Not Tired

This article will show you how to sleep fast when you’re not tired and wake up fresh. Bedtime is always my favorite time of the day. Why? Who doesn’t love to keep everything aside, wear your favorite pajamas and get inside your comfy, soft and warm blankets, I do, I really really do?

How To Sleep Fast When You’re Not Tired?

Drifting off into dreamland riding unicorns and flying over rainbows, grabbing candy bars growing out from trees… this is how it’s supposed to happen but that rarely happens and in my case it never does. For many people like me, and you (if you are here reading this article) the day-to-day ordeal can keep your mind swirling and your body turning and tossing around until the alarm starts blaring in your ear the next morning (the most annoying and curse word worth feeling every morning).

How to sleep Fast When You're Not Tired

So why does the alarm go off so soon? I used to think my alarm is processed and it made the needles move fast as soon as I switched off the lights (just kidding). If the things you need to do the next day and the lack of proper sleep you go for the snooze button so many times in the morning, then “Hi, there”, you are not alone. Thankfully I can sleep a good 7 to 8 hours today, and that’s changed my life so much. Here are 10 night time habits to sleep fast when you’re not tired and wake up fresh that helped me and I hope will help you too.

Let’s get into it…

10 Night Time Habits To Sleep Fast When You’re Not Tired!

Before I knew about these methods even all the good intentions in the world could be enough motivation to make me get out of bed in the mornings. This was affecting my efficiency, my body, and my mind. That when I decided I need to get my sleep schedule sorts and decided to kick the grumps.

  • Cut back on the caffeine.

I know it’s hard especially if you are a coffee person but too much coffee can really interrupt your sleep cycle. Too much caffeine consumption can increase the adrenaline when keeps you pumped and going. If you need a good nights sleep then you need to have your last cup of coffee before 4 pm in the evening.

  • A little bit of Cardio in the morning can go a long way.

You must be wondering,  how doing cardio in the morning help you sleep better at night. Well doing cardio everyday ups your heart rate and blood flow throughout the body. Also working out in the morning to do a workout is a solid routine which will influence your night routine. The fact that you need to hit the gym for which you have paid is a reason to get out of the bed. Also, exercise works the body out, hence the body will automatically shut down when it’s sleep time giving you a nice long and deep sleep.

  • Cut back on sugar.

Sugar, as you know, is one common kitchen ingredient that most refer to as white poison. It’s you that you will die when you take sugar. Too much sugar intake can increase blood sugar levels, this will affect the blood glucose level in your body which is associated with sleep. If you cannot totally get rid of sugar from your life, at least make sure that you have your sugar before 4 pm, anything after that will affect your sleep cycle real bad. There are some more tips to sleep fast when you’re not tired. I have listed it below; Check them too.

  • Cultivate a mental environment

Listen to sleep music, read bedtime stories, get a relaxing bath, soothing lavender candles, try to sleep with very dim lights or no lights at all. These are the things that can help to increase melatonin in your body which is a natural substance that helps in getting better sleep. Studies have shown that when you sleep in a brightly lit room the body doesn’t produce enough melatonin leading to improper sleep.

  • No electronics in bed

I would say smartphones and laptops have interrupted anything more in life than life itself it’s sleeping habits. Used to do all my fidgeting when am in bed. I would look into social media accounts- like, unlike, comment, share, and by the time am done it would be past midnight and then I have trouble sleeping. Today I set my phone on sleep mode at night and keep it away from the bed. It was hard the first few days to get used to not having a phone in bed but that has helped me get into a strict and effective sleep routine.

  • Choose an alarm that’ll make you want to wake up

I hate the regular, “Tringgg… Tringgg…Tringggg…”, that makes me want to curse the whole world and throw my alarm out the window (which I did try once). The next thing I did is set the alarm to the sound of soft waves- well that did help me sleep better. So what’s next? Choose a ring tone taht wakes you up and wants to make you get up but at the same time does not annoy the hell out of you. Also keep your alarm far away from the bed so taht you actually get up to turn it off.

  • Do not linger in bed if you can’t sleep

The next thing I seriously follow is that, if am not sleep I don’t linger in bed. Lying in the bed staring at the roof or counting the sheep is not going to help you, instead, get out read a book, listen to music but don’t come back to bed unless you are yawning and ready for bed. This works like magic and also helps to make your subconscious mind believe that bed is meant for sleep and not entertainment.

  • Have a hearty breakfast

Planning something yummy for breakfast is something that will help you get motivated and out of bed in the morning. The smell of fresh bacon in the morning is all I need to be out of bed and on my kitchen table in minutes. That was an example, make sure you have something yummy as well as healthy- rich in proteins for breakfast.

How to Sleep Fast

  • Don’t eat dinner right before bed

Absolutely avoid eating and going to bed, not only will interrupt your sleep but also lead to digestion issues and lead to weight gain. I hope this article on 10 night time habits to sleep fast when you’re not tired and wake up fresh helped you get better sleep, let us know your story and how you changed your sleep habits to become more productive in our comments box, we would love to hear from you.


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