How To Lose Weight In Winter Without Exercise?


“Winter is coming.”( Haha, yea, I did just quote George R.R. Martin from Game of Thrones.).

Did you know it’s possible to lose weight in winter without exercise? I never thought that possible until I tried some simple tips. This article gives you the ultimate answer to the one question that has been throbbing in my head and I know many of yours too, for a while,” How to lose weight in winter without exercise?”.

Winters can be extremely demotivating, especially for someone who is as lazy as I am- winters are the best time of the year to cuddle up in bed with a cup of steaming coffee and watch Netflix. If you live in a place where it’s extremely cold then there would be days you don’t leave the house at all. To make things worse winter is also that time of the year where we lose it and go into binge eating. Most of the cleansing and detox diet that we followed during the warmer months involves fruits, salads, fresh juice, smoothies and a lot of raw food which actually make your body colder in the winter months (another reason why we don’t feel like eating them).

How To Lose Weight In Winter Without Exercise?

During winters our body craves for warmer cooked food such as soups, fats, and sugar. This has a scientific reason behind it- during winters our body craves fat to protect the organs from the cold and the tired dull climate makes us want to indulge in sugar for energy. It’s a natural phenomenon.

The human body has been evolved to operate in that way- if you have ever tried to do a cleanse or detox during winter you will know exactly what am getting at- it sucks and it’s nearly impossible to diet during winter.


Things don’t have to get bad- you can keep yourself warm, have the food you like and still keep the fat off your body- No!  am not asking you to run to the gym or run endlessly on your treadmill, you can still lose weight in winter without exercise.

So girls, get ready to rock those cool winter clothes with a body to die for. Winters can actually work wonders for your body, here are some tips to lose weight in winter without exercise

Settle in with the Cold

Settle in with the Cold

When winter settles in your body automatically shifts into the calorie burning mode. So next time let the cold settle in with you a bit. Scientifically speaking you body has white fat which is also stored fat, scientists believe that during winters the body uses by this fat to generate heat to warm up the body. White fat is the kind one needs to get rid of as it can cause health issues, this is why I mentioned above that winters can do magic on your body. Did you know that shivering too burns calories- 15 minutes of shivering is said to be equivalent to one our of the moderate workout. But hey, it’s all good as it is. Don’t overdo this and try snow bathing just to lose those pounds, that would definitely not end well if not on the hospital bed.

Have Cold Water

Have Cold Water

Ok, before you think am crazy or am trying to kill you, hear me out! It has been scientifically proved that when you drink any liquid that is lower than your body temperature your body would burn several calories just to absorb and digest it.  There are a lot of studies out there which you can refer to that proves this.



This is my favorite fat burning workout during the winters!

During winters the nights are long, days are short and the weather is cold. Make sure you utilize this, tuck in early and wake up early to soak in some early morning sunlight. This will not only warm your body and lift your spirits but will also aid in keeping up with a better sleep cycle. And the bonus- no more midnight snacking only quality sleep.

Indulge in the Good Fat

Indulge in the Good Fat

It’s a known fact that fats are necessary for the body to help the body absorb nutrients from other sources. That’s very true, healthy fats indeed help your body absorb Vitamins such as D, E, and A. they also help in keeping your nervous system healthy.  During winters it is best recommended to stock up of healthy fats such as monounsaturated, polyunsaturated fats and stay away from hydrogenated and trans fats. Some sample snacks you can indulge in are flax seeds, hemp seeds, grass-fed butter, almonds, avocados, salmon, walnuts, anchovies, organic clarified butter, and unrefined coconut oil. Unrefined coconut oil when taken every day has been shown to help the body from slowing down its metabolism hence Java Burn aiding in weight loss.

Avoid Alcohol

avoid alcohol

A glass of brandy or some wine may seem very tempting and they are great to make you feel warm. But it’s also good to always keep note that alcohol is loaded with calories which means every glass you pour you are having more calories that all the food combined together. So if your target is to shed some kilos during the winters, then keeping away or restricting alcohol to a certain amount will help you in the process.

Order In and Avoid Eating Out

Order In and Avoid Eating Out

When we order in phycologists believe that people tend to order lower calorie foods and opposing to ordering right when you are hungry. This will ensure that you have a more healthy meal.


I hope these simple tips on How to lose weight in winter without exercise, helped you get through winters without much damage to your weight goals. Above all this, it’s always important to maintain a positive attitude. take care and enjoy the chill. Let us know your comments through our comments box. We will be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions.


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