How To Grow Eyelashes In A Week? The Easiest Working Methods!

How to Grow Eyelashes Naturally

Eyes being the first part of the body to get noticed mostly, it is important that we make sure that our eyes are taken good care of and maintained in a beautiful and attractive way. It is even a fact that eyelashes play a vital role in complementing the overall beauty of one’s eye. So it is mandatory to endure an attractive and beautiful eyelash to make your eyes look sculptured.

How To Grow Eyelashes In A Week?

For many people around the world, “how to grow eyelashes in a week?” is the biggest query. Since eyelash tends to be thin and small and for those who have a medium composed of an eyelash, the lash hair would be delicate and it falls down quick. So to render a solution to all these mishaps, this article might be a lifesaver. I have got a number of natural remedies that can be endured at the leisure of your home and get this lash problem fixed. So let us see it.

Remedies that enhance Eyelash growth in a week

How to grow eyelashes

  1. Massage with castor and coconut oil

The combination of castor and coconut oil is known to be a breakthrough ingredient when it comes to healthy hair growth. Similarly, this composition improves the eyelash growth too. Just apply the ingredient to your eyelash before you go to bed for a duration of one week and you will be stunned to see the immense outcome. Thicker and beautiful eyelashes can be got through regular practice.

  1. Apply aloe vera gel

Aloe vera oil known to be the best remedy for almost all skin problems has its benefits for the eyelash problem too. Being a safe and natural product for usage, application of the aloe vera gel would greatly help in the eyelash growth when used regularly. Aloe vera is known for its healing, cleansing and saving properties. Similarly, the eyelash growth can also be ensured through this gel.

  1. Mix olive oil and egg white, then apply

It is evident that eyelash also comes under the hair category and this ingredient proves to be the best for hair growth for both problems. Break an egg, separate the white and mix it with olive oil. Apply the mixture to your eyes for best results. Within a week, you can feel the growth of thick eyelashes.

  1. Green tea leaves boiled with water

Take a few green tea leaves and boil it with water. Let it cool and apply the liquid to your eyelashes in bare hand or use mascara for applying. Let it sit overnight and you can see drastic changes over a week. You will be surprised to see your eyelashes grow longer and prettier every day. Being a natural ingredient, it is completely safe for the eyelashes.

  1. Vaseline or petroleum jelly might help

Vaseline is always known to be a savior for skin problems. But you would be surprised to see its effect on the eyelash growth. Apply it on the eyelashes with your bare hand or mascara and leave it on throughout the night and you will be happy to see pretty and beautiful lashes growing out in a week. This is possible because Vaseline comprises of vitamins and minerals in it which enhances the eyelash growth.

  1. Almond oil can help

Almond oil is undoubtedly a natural extract popular for hair growth and skin care. The same extract can be used for eyelash growth. Just apply it on lashes overnight and you can see the difference for yourselves. For voluminous, pretty and attractive eyelash, almond oil is the key since it comprises of vitamins and nutrients.

  1. Lemon ingredient for the growth

Lemon is full of vitamins and nutrients. It helps in voluminous eyelash growth. But applying lemon directly to the eyes might affect your eye. So it is safe to dry the lemon peel and powder it. Now add some olive oil to the powder and apply it on the lashes to seek immense growth and improvement.


The above methods stating “How to grow eyelashes in a week” are proven to be safe and secure for usage and has shown drastic effects on usage. So get ready to gain voluminous and beautiful eyelash to flaunt your beautiful eyes to everyone.


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