How To Dry Your Hair Fast Without Damaging It?


Wet hair is a real pain, especially if you are someone working 6 days a week. Hair tools can help sort the issue, but who wants to be bald from all the heat a few years later? Here we discuss on how to dry your hair fast without damaging it!.

How To Dry Your Hair Fast Without Damaging It?

Before getting into the “How to” part, let’s take a look at the hair care basics.

Whenever I decide to wash my hair especially during the winters I end up with dripping hair and wet shoulders at work, it looks really sloppy. It just takes forever to dry and all I want to do is pull out all my hair and scream. My hair is just too lazy to dry and keeps retaining the moisture as if my head is on drought and all the constant dabbing at the ends has only got me more split ends.

7 Tips to Dry Your Hair Without Damaging It

Thankfully today am able to dry my hair without damaging it, I have found some tips that can help you in cutting down the drying time.

  • Gently Wriggle Your Hair While You Are In The Shower

It’s always a bad idea to come out of the shower with a fully wet hair, especially when you want to dry out your hair.  Instead, when you are done showering wriggle your hair till most of the waterfalls, have you seen cats and dogs do that, well it’s kind of similar but trust me, it works. If you have thick and curly hair- then this is going to work wonders for you.  If doing this seems too odd for you, you can gently section your hair and wriggle it out with fingers.

  • Use the Right Kind Of Conditioner

I know this is going to sound weird but conditioners are not just meant to get soft and shiny hair. Conditioners can be perfect for you if you want to dry your hair faster without damaging it. This is because the conditioner is creamy and keeps the water from sticking on to the hair. Also, the conditioner will seal it the moisture preventing the hair from absorbing more water than necessary.

  • Get a New Towel

“What’s wrong with my current towel?”, haha, I know what you might be thinking. Let me explain, your current towel is perfectly fine if it’s made of microfibers and if it’s not then recommended that you get a towel made of microfibers. What’s special about microfibers? Microfibers can help you save loads of drying time since they are super absorbent and soft. They are very gentle on the hair and hence they help you in saving your hair from breakage.  Also when you do dry your hair make sure that you don’t rub and instead you bloat your hair in sections. Also, ensure that your towel is dry, this will make sure that maximum water is absorbed. If you think getting a new towel is too ridiculous for you and an old t-shirt is also perfect to help you get the job done.

  • Leave the Ends and Focus on the Roots

When you start blotting your hair, focus on your roots. The ends of your hair always tend to dry first but if your hair is super wet then the water from the roots keeps flowing towards the tips. Hence when you dry your hair from the roots will help you in cutting down a great part of your hair drying time. Here again, don’t rub your hair in the roots instead try gently blotting your hair by sectioning them.

Dry Your Hair Fast Without Damaging It

  • Towel Turban

Here again, if you are in a hurry then blotting your hair will consume a lot of your time. Hence wrapping your hair up in a towel and going on with your daily tasks will dry your hair as well as save your time. As you get dressed and do your makeup your towel will work on absorbing the water. You can still check your hair periodically and rewrap it if it still wet. Once you are done and ready to go, remove the turban blot it gently and wriggle it. That’s it you are good to go.

  •  Wide-toothed Comb or Microfiber Brush

Let me began by stating, don’t ever try combing wet hair with a normal comb. If you need to use a wide comb or a microfiber brush. A wide-toothed comb without the hair and let the air flow. This will help in drying out hair faster. Microfiber brushes too are great because they soak up the water helping the hair to dry faster.

  • Blow Dry with Product

Blow drying is one of the quickest ways to dry your hair without damaging it. If you have a big day and you need your hair to look neat, dry and well set- then blow dry is the only choice, especially if you are going for a sleek look. Make sure that you use a heat protectant and then you blow dry our hair you start from the bottom and go to the top. This can help you save some time as you don’t end up rewetting the already dry hair if you try drying vice versa. If you still have some extra time to spend on your hair I suggest you try doing a no heat blow dry this can be a bit less damaging of your hair.


I hope the above article on “How to Dry Your Hair Fast Without Damaging It”,  helped you tackle your hair drying problems. If you have a secret method that you use to dry your hair quickly let us know. Also if you have any doubt regarding any of the above-mentioned methods we are happy to help you. Get chatting with us through our comments box. Also, keep in check with us for more life-saving hacks.


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