How To Decrease Buttocks Size Naturally At Home? Quicker Ways!

How To Decrease Buttocks Size Naturally

One of the most difficult parts of losing weight is losing weight from the butt. However, it is a common goal among fitness freaks to work hard to achieve a perfect butt. Though it is not possible to reduce fats from a specific body part there are several other ways through which one can achieve the objective goal.

Tips To Decrease Buttocks Size Naturally

The main goal for reducing butt size naturally is to cut down fats for the overall body while simultaneously focusing on toning up the butt muscles. This will definitely result in better defined and leaner buttocks.

If you are also one of those fitness lovers, who is desperately searching for ways to decrease buttocks size naturally, then your wish has been granted as we have shortlisted some great ways for you which will not only help in achieving your goal of leaner butt but will help you tone your overall body too. So, go ahead and continue reading!

  • Running


Those people who chose running as a way of fighting stress or as a hobby are really lucky as in a way of doing their hobby, they do an excellent exercise for their whole body. Running not only tone leg and butt muscles giving them a defined shape but also improves heart and lung functions. Easy and affordable to do with supportive shoes being the only requirement, running can be beneficial for anyone and everyone. Better than walking as it burns more calories and strengthens the lower body as well.

  • Exercises you should opt for

There are many exercises available which can actually refresh your body and give you a new life with boosted stamina, energy and life. However, if you are looking for exercises specifically for decreasing buttocks size naturally, then you must go for strength training exercises as doing this will turn most of the fat into muscles which will lift your butt and make it look smaller. Other than that, deadlifts, squats, and lunges are some of the best options you can include in your regular workout session. All these exercises primarily focus on your butt and thighs, thus helping you achieve your goal.

  • Choose to Climb Stairs Over Escalators

Choose to Climb Stairs Over Escalators

Nowadays, people are too busy and too tired to use stairs in malls or while traveling and hence adopt the easy way out in the form of lifts or escalators. Though they might save your time as well as the energy they take away several health benefits and that extra strength which you could have achieved by climbing stairs.

Climbing steps are one of the best exercises one can do not just for defined buttocks and upper legs but also for maintaining a healthy heart and lungs. It also has a positive effect on oxygen uptake and reduces bad cholesterol considerably too. If the idea of including stairs in your day to day life does not suit you then you can also go for using stepping machines in your gym or go hiking uphill.

  • Go for a Cardio Workout

The main cause behind big butt size is the extra accumulated fat and the best way to fight those stubborn fat banks is to sweat them out on cardio exercises. Swimming, cycling, and boxing are few activities which can burn off many calories which will result in smaller and more defined buttocks.

Instead of just a cardio routine, you can also give a try to interval turning as it is known to burn more calories faster than simple cardio. All you have to do is to do full exercises for 30 seconds, then give a break of a couple of minutes. Repeat this cycle 8 to 10 times and you will realize that your metabolism will drastically improve and the hard part of the workout would be over in just 15 minutes.

  • Balanced Eating

Balanced Eating

Healthy eating will not directly help you lose fat, but it will surely act as a catalyst to help you achieve your goal. It is not necessary to starve yourself completely, important is to take care of the food you are consuming. The more calories you consume the more you have to work out to cut down the intake of calories in your meals and get a step closer to having a leaner butt. Secondly, identify good and bad carbs and fats.

Thus, include more of unsaturated fats through nuts, olive oil, avocados, etc. and rich intake of good carbs through oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain bread, etc. as they give your body the required fiber and energy as well as maintain the insulin levels. Next step is to get nice amounts of protein and dairy in the form of eggs, chicken, milk, etc, as they will give you nutrition and help build muscles. Junk food and sugary drinks should be a total no. Chose more of fresh fruits and water for snack time.


It’s not impossible to decrease buttocks size naturally. It’s just that it requires a lot of exercises, discipline, and determination. We hope that these few tips will help you achieve your goal.


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