How To Avoid Sleepiness While Studying? Tricks To Stay Up Late At Night!

How To Avoid Sleepiness While Studying

How to avoid sleepiness while studying? Sleep is really precious to all of us and while studying it becomes like that unwanted guest who though uninvited yet comes. This occasional sleeping while studying is okay when the deadline for exams is far away but with Boards exams of both class 10 and class 12 being around the corner, sleep is a luxury which all can’t afford.

How To Avoid Sleepiness While Studying?

However, it has been noticed that how much you want to prevent sleeping, anyhow you end up sleeping rather than studying. If you are also one of those who is tired of fighting this unwanted sleep and want to do some serious study in the little time left before exams, then you are in the right place as here we have shortlisted some very easy to do and practical steps which can genuinely help you ditch sleep and be loyal to your studies. These amazing ways will even let you study for long hours that too without sleep even touching you. Go ahead and read some useful and lucrative tips to avoid sleepiness while studying.

  • Go for a Chair Instead of a Bed

Go for a Chair Instead of a Bed

Often, we do this foolish mistake of creating a comfortable surrounding while studying to avoid any kind of discomfort or distraction while studying. Though a comfortable surrounding with any distractions, rather than promoting studying it makes our body too comfortable and we end up sleeping instead of studying. Hence, while studying make sure that you come out of your comfort zone in an uncomfortable area like a chair and table rather than a cozy comfortable bed. Also, keep moving slightly in short intervals to keep yourself alert and to avoid being lazy.

  • Leave not so Difficult Topics for Night

While some feel easy to study at night but it has been observed that with everyone else sleeping and no distraction, instead of attentively studying after a while you end soundly sleeping. This often happens in circumstances when you study difficult topics which are hard to understand and solve at night time. At night usually tired from the daily activities, the brain also gets a bit stressed up and works better when studying lighter topics. So, make sure that you chose easy and interesting topics for late night study and tough parts during day time when your brain is comparatively active and fresh.

  • Give yourself Refreshing Breaks

All work and no break in between the whole study routine instead of making your smarter will do nothing apart from making you dull, boring and more stressful. After long serious efforts during study time, our body gets totally exhausted and studying again at such a time is a sheer wastage of time and energy as you won’t be able to actually concentrate on work at hand.

Make sure that at such times after long hours of study you give yourself a small refreshing break in which you do something which makes you happy like some hobby. If you are a workout person then use this time to sweat up a bit, it will shake your body and pump up some extra energy. A break as small as 25 to 30 minutes can also do wonders for you.

  • Drink Water

Drink Water

Water is an easy and practical way of improving overall life. Not only it is healthy for the body, keeps you hydrated but also prevents you from going to sleep. Keeping a small bottle of water with you before sitting to study can prove to seriously beneficial. Adding few mint leaves or slices of lemon or cucumber can add on flavor to water and will also prove to refreshing. Drinking water in small intervals will keep your body energy boosted, will improve its productivity too and will also give you a small break from tedious studying.

  • Learn by Reading out aloud or Writing

The main goal to avoid sleepiness while studying is to keep lethargy away. If you memorise your text orally in mind then after a certain time it will become monotonous and you will start feeling sleepy. To avoid this, you must learn by writing, if not word by word then by at least making some notes.

This will not only prevent you from sleeping but will also keep your brain more active and save your time during revisions. Another tip which you can practice while learning or making notes is that whatever you write or read, do it aloud. Explain the topic you memorised, to yourself just like a teacher would. It will not keep sleep away but will also increase your learning ability.


We understand that exam time is never fun and when it is a board examination it is nothing less than a complete stress package. However, the key to successfully pass these exams over is to keep stress limited and use it to motivate you to study harder and smarter. Keep your determination and motivation boosted up. Moreover, for the sleep issue, we have got you covered with these amazing tips which can help you to avoid sleepiness while studying. All the best!


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