How To Pop Blackheads Without Giving A Chance For Scars?

How To Pop Blackheads Without Giving A Chance For Scars

I don’t think there would be a single person who hadn’t squeezed a pimple or blackhead. If you are someone who has never popped one, then hands down- you are a god and you can give this article a skip. So fellow poppers, I can completely understand. Let’s admit, we cannot stop popping and also cannot stop feeling guilty of the crime we just committed. So is there a way to squeeze that black head without worrying about scarring? Yes/ No.

How To Pop Blackheads Without Scars?

Confused? Yes, Well, technically speaking it’s never ok to pop or squeeze anything on the skin unless it is done professionally. But does that mean we are doomed for life? No. Popping when done the right way and using the right techniques can actually save us from scarring.

Before getting on to the popping part, let’s understand what are blackheads- Blackheads are nothing but open comedones, which means widened hair follicles that are filled with bacteria, skin debris, and sebum oil. The blackheads are black because they contain melanin which when hits the surface of the skin oxidizes forming a black color. In this article am going to tell you exactly how to pop blackheads without giving a chance for scars.

  • Know When a Black Head is Ready to be Popped


Though unquestionably the best thing one can do is to keep your hands off the face. But since that’s not an option the next best thing to do to wait for the right time to pop. When you squeeze a black head that not fully dry you are also squeezing the inner core which is usually pus and dead skin cells. As you squeeze you are also pushing some of this back and much deeper into your skin. If too much pressure is given to the wall of the pore might burst to lead to the infected material getting in contact with the dermis leading to infection and further causing pores and scarring. Unlike blackheads, whiteheads are usually easier to squeeze as they don’t require much pressure.

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  • Get a Professional to Drain it for You

The best thing you can do is have an esthetician or a  dermatologist or do the popping. Extractions work especially well for blackheads. All it takes is a few minutes. The catch here is- it’s not always practically possible or cost-effective to book an appointment every time you want to pop a black head.

  • Warm Compress

Apply a warm compress or use a steamer. But before you go that wash the face with a good blackhead extracting cleanser, then use a streamer on the face till you feel the pores open. Now using an extracting tool gently press the black head. That will do the job. But if the area is too hard, try again after applying the compass. If that isn’t working as well then you might need to go to a professional to go the extraction. Once your done rinse your face will cold or normal water. This helps to close all the open pores.

  • Never Use Nails to Pop a Black Head

pop scar

Nails are too sharp and can damage and scar the area permanently. Next time you feel like popping between the nails, remember it’s your face and skin. Instead, if you cannot control yourself so back then try to use the skin on the fingertips.

I hope you found the answer to How to Pop Blackheads without giving a chance for scars in the above article.  Let me know how the above tips worked out for you in the comments box. And a final tip before signing off- make sure your hands are clean before popping any kind of pimple!


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