How Negative Emotions Affect Your Physical Health?

How Negative Emotions Affect Your Physical Health

Often it is noticed that people who have good emotional health are usually aware of their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These people have developed a sense of, and have learned the healthy way to cope with and manage stress and problems that are a natural part of human life. They are known to feel good, relaxed and even maintain good relationships with others.

However, taking into consideration the busy schedule and everyday worldly activities several things can happen in your life that could disrupt your mental health and well being. These can lead to strong feelings of sadness, stress, or anxiety. Even good or wanted changes could turn out to be stressful just like other unwanted changes. How do emotions affect your health anyway?

How Your Negative Emotions Affect Your Physical Health?

Negative Emotions Affect Your Physical HealthThese unwanted changes could include simple things like being laid off from your job or having a child leaves or return home. Simple changes like these disrupt the balance that you’ve created in your day to day life. Even relationship-based activities could cause an unwanted change, like getting divorced or dealing with the death of a loved one.

Even a marriage or giving birth to a baby can add new stress to your life, and despite being a happy occasion, can also disrupt your psychological lifestyle. Suffering an illness or an injury, getting a job promotion, experiencing money problems, moving to a new home, having to adopt a baby, etc are a few more examples that could cause you to have unwanted panic or stress

How can Emotions Affect One’s Health?

Your body and mind have its own connection, which allows the response to how you think, feel and act. You may have noticed how your body responds to the times when you feel stressed, anxious, or upset. It reacts to tell you that something just doesn’t seem too right. For example, when you are going through particular mental stress, such as the death of a loved one, you might feel or develop a high blood pressure or a stomach ulcer.

The Way to Improved Health?

There are several known ways to improve your mental and emotional health. Then most important is to first identify and recognize your emotions and try to understand why you could be having them.  Finding out and sort out the causes of sadness, stress, and anxiety in your life and it could help you manage your emotional health. Listed below are some useful tips on how to improve your emotional health.

  • Express your Feelings in Appropriate Ways

Express your Feelings in Appropriate Ways

 If feelings of stress, sadness or anxiety is starting to cause you physical problems, then allowing it all to bottle in and eat you up isn’t really the solution. This could actually make you feel worse. It’s absolutely fine to let your close ones know what you are actually going through. Letting them know what bothers you, usually helps in improving your mental and emotional health. Though at times you should know that they might not be able to help you as well as they should. In serious cases, you might want to meet a counselor, or a religious advisor or even a family doctor.

  • Living a Balanced Life

Learn to appreciate the little things in your life. Focus on those that you are most grateful for. Try not to let problems at work, school or home obsess you, as these can lead to negative feelings. You don’t have to pretend to be happy when you feel stressed, anxious or upset. You just accept it. It is important that you learn how to deal with these negative feelings but to focus on the more positive things in your life too.

If you may use a journal to keep track of all those things that make you feel happy and peaceful. Researchers have shown that a positive outlook can improve the quality of your life immensely, and give your health a boost. You might also want to let go of some of those things in your life that make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Learn to make time for yourself and enjoy life while you still have it.

  • Calm Yourself

Calm Yourself

Take up some relaxation methods like meditation, listening to music, listening to guided imagery CDs or MP3s, take up yoga, and Tai Chi, etc. These will allow your emotions to jump back to a balance. You could follow up some guided videos on Youtube.

When you meditate, your body relaxes. It is a guided form of thought. It comes in various forms like exercising, stretching or perhaps even through a simple morning walk in the park or simple breathing exercises.

  • Taking Care of One’s Self

Lastly, it is important that you take care of yourself. To maintain good emotional health, it is important to take care of your body by having a proper and regular routine for eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly to relieve pent- up the tension. Don’t overeat and don’t abuse drugs or alcohol to excess. Drugs and alcohol could lead to other personal issues like health and family matters.

Before the conclusion of this article, you should also know the necessity to know how to question yourself before you approach someone for help. You should ask yourself,

  1. How can I cope better with stress?
  2. Are my health problems caused because of my stress, or is stress causing my health problems?
  3. Is this a way for my body to react to stress?
  4. Why am I not happy?

Stick to these, and keep asking yourself these questions and you will eventually learn how your emotions affect your health, and you will know just how to deal with it.


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