How To Get Rid Of A Wart Fast And Painless? Easy Home Remedies!


Are you one of the sufferers of the wart, then have a look at how to get rid of a wart fast and painless? Are you afraid of visiting doctors or getting treatments? If your answer to both the questions is yes, then we can understand that right now would not be a much peaceful time for you. Warts don’t come under the category of any major problem but they can be seriously annoying and painful. Transmitted mostly by casual contact, they are rough and bumpy growths which though can pop up anywhere on the body but are commonly found mainly on face, hands, fingers, and feet.

How To Get Rid Of A Wart Fast And Painless? 

The root cause of warts is HPV or human papillomaviruses. Though there are approximately around 100 different types of HPV only a few out of them cause warts. Warts can sometimes go away without any treatment too but it can take up a lot of time.

The most common and known way of removal of warts from your body is through undergoing medical treatment by visiting a dermatologist. But it is nothing short of torture for those who are afraid of needles. Now, you have no need to worry as we have got some magical ways to get rid of wart fast and painless. Though these methods may not be as fast as a medical treatment they can be really effective. Go ahead and have a look!

  • Use a Duct Tape

Use a Duct Tape

It is a bit tedious process and can take up as long as a couple of weeks, as it works at a wart by removing it layer by layer. Wash and dry the area affected by wart thoroughly, then place a piece of duct tape over it and leave it there for five to six days. Once the recommended time passes, remove the tape, soak the area in hot water for approximately 5 minutes and then gently scrape a layer of wart off your skin with a pumice stone or a nail filer.

Remember to throw off the nail file or pumice stone used. Once you scrape off a layer of the wart, make sure that you keep the wart uncovered and exposed to air for at least 12 hours. Then again conceal it with a new piece of duct tape and repeat the same procedure until the wart is completely gone.

  • Apply Nail Polish

Apply Nail Polish

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get rid of wart fast and painless is by using clear nail polish. Firstly, and most importantly wash the area of your wart to remove any kind of dirt and impurity, then cover the wart with clear nail polish. Allow the nail polish to dry and then cover the wart with medical tape or band–aid. Keep it there for a day, then next night remove the currently used band–aid and repeat the same procedure all over again. Repeat this procedure until the wart separates away from your skin.

  • Lemon Juice can be used too!

Lemon Juice can be used too

Lemon juice has the presence of citric acid which makes it greatly effective in removing the wart as well as attacking the virus at the same time. One thing that should be taken care for before using lemon juice for wart removal is that the lemon juice should be diluted otherwise it can be harmful too. Hence, create a mixture of two parts of lemon juice and one part of water. Then soak a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it over the area of the wart. Secure it on its place with medical tape or bandage overnight. Keep applying it every night until the wart is completely removed.

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  • Garlic can be Seriously Effective!

Garlic can be Seriously Effective

Garlic is effective in removing warts as it has virus killing properties and thus also prevents the wart from returning back. Crush a garlic clove until it turns into a kind of paste and at night before going to sleep apply a bit of this garlic paste directly on the wart area. Secure this paste with medical tape or bandage and sleep. In case of fear of leakage, you can cover it by wearing an additional fabric over the area. You might have to repeat this procedure for several weeks at night to make the wart completely fall off.

  • Castor oil Benefits

Castor oil Benefits

For this remedy, the main ingredient needs to be castor oil. For the other ingredients, you can mix any fragrant oil like lemongrass oil or lavender oil. You can even add baking soda to castor oil to make a paste. In case of oil, apply it over the wart a couple of times in a day. Let the skin absorb the maximum oil and then clean up the excess oil. In case of paste, apply it over the wart and secure it with a medical tape or bandage. Repeat the procedure every day for best results.


These were a few ways to get rid of wart fast and painless. However, if you feel irritation or any signs of adverse effects then visit a doctor as soon as possible!


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