How To Cure Short Sightedness Naturally? 5 Best Tips!

How To Cure Short Sightedness Naturally

Short-sightedness has currently become a major part of people’s life. Since people spend a lot of time hunching around screens of their phones even when pcs or television sets are not around. Furthermore, a huge number of people sit in front of screens in their offices leading to a strain in the eye resulting in short-sightedness or myopia.

How To Cure Short Sightedness Naturally?

While it may look like short-sightedness is caused due to overuse of devices with the screen but it actually caused due to overuse of the focusing mechanism. It means a person who focuses too much to things over short distances while performing their work are prone to developing myopia. Thus, a plumber, carpenter, and person checking examination paper right close their eyes or anyone else can suffer from the problem of nearsightedness.

However, modern-day computing devices which emit ray do more harm than the traditional work where the things do not emit artificial rays. So, it is advised for people to take breaks from their screen usage and avoid using their devices all the time to prevent further escalation of eye conditions.

How To Cure Short Sightedness Naturally

What Wrong with the General?

The general solution to the short-sightedness problem like its other counterpart is putting on corrective lenses or glasses for better vision. While the vision is improved upon the use of glasses or lenses but it is not something a person should totally rely on and hand over his or her vision. The immediate effects like the ability to see things far away may be gratifying but the glasses and lenses tend to take an extra toll on the lenses causing a lot quicker degeneration of cells. Likewise, the behavioral tendencies of the brain and the muscles in the eye make them adapt to tense state causing further problems to the muscle of the eye.

Yes, you should not completely avoid the corrective measure but you should not become its slave. Instead, one must use natural methods to tackle the eye condition and use the spectacles only when they are required rather than hanging them 24/7 around their eye.

The Solution

Though people feel like they will never be able to get rid of the spectacles and lenses provided them to by their doctors for this lifetime, it is not true. A person can definitely get rid of the problem with a diligent following of our tips. How to cure short-sightedness naturally? are listed below to help you leave the dream of being free from spectacles and lenses right away.

Cure Short Sightedness Naturally

  • Palming and other Exercises

The best way to tackle any form of health problems resulting from negative habit is to exercise. The Palming and various other exercises can prove highly beneficial while tackling myopia. The exercise loosens muscle and relaxes them allowing a far significant improvement in blurriness of vision. One can initiate palming pretty much anywhere to relax the eye. Blow the palm of your hands with warm air from your mouth, gently close your eyes and press them with the warm palm. Keep the eyes closed for a certain time to relax the eye.

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  • Going Healthy with the Eating Habit

Carbohydrates, sugar and other preservatives present in the blood cause a variety of different problems with a person’s health. These are particular, not good for the health of the eye processes as well because they cause a high amount of damage to the retinas and cause early degeneration.

These degeneration problem can be tackled through the intake of green leafy vegetables containing fibre, vitamins, and much more required for a better eye health. Furthermore, home cooked meals include chromium, magnesium and selenium lacking in patients of myopia. The factory processed foods and myopic people both lack these nutrients to prevent escalating degeneration of retinal muscles. Thus, choose good food to get those glasses far away.

How To Cure Short Sightedness

  • Get around the Park

The eye stays in relaxed position and gets relaxed only when it is observing the natural surroundings. A walk you take or the jog you make for decreasing the weight not only helps the weight but also helps your eye. The indoor life of screens causes huge stress to the eye and expansion of vision can only be achieved through strolling in nature.

  • Take Breaks

No matter who it is one should never focus too much on anything because it strains the lenses, muscles and nerves in the eye. There is the various method of taking a break even a person is not allowed to leave the premises of their office. Most commons ones you are likely to come across are 10/10/10 rule or 20/20/20 rule. This basically means after every 10 minutes you focus on an object far than 10 feet for 10 seconds to relive pressure. Everything translates to 20 for the rules with the 20.

  • Natural Light

People tend to turn the lights in their home even when the day light is easily available behind close curtains. However, this takes a toll on the eye and to improve one’s vision against the battle with short sightedness s/he needs to stay in natural ambient light more often to prevent damage to the eye.

These are the different ways you could curb short sightedness and use corrective lenses to improve eyesight and avoiding further damage.


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