How To Care For Yourself While Having Twins? Tips To Healthy Pregnancy

How To Care For Yourself While Having Twins

Having twins or the fact that you are carrying more than one baby does place you in a special category, and it is a surprise that most parents are caught off guard by. Many would call it a high-risk pregnancy and also carrying more than one baby automatically puts you in the category of a high-risk pregnancy. There are both types of pregnancy, the majority of twin pregnancies progress smoothly, and the odds of a healthy pregnancy increase if you take better care of yourself during twins.

How To Care For Yourself While Having Twins?

Proper nutrition is the most important step to care for your pregnancy. So if you are carrying twins, here are few tips in this article “How to care for yourself while having Twins?” for a healthy twin pregnancy that you’ll find helpful. Read on.

6 Best tips to take care of Twin Pregnancy

The sudden news of having twins make you shock and you don’t know whether to be delighted or worry. So here are some 10 best tips to deal with your twin pregnancy. Let’s have a look.

  1. Eat Healthily and Eat for Three

twin pregnant-woman-eating

The only extra energy needed is about 300 calories a day for a healthy baby. But, when you’re expecting twins your calorie needs go up to 600 calories per day. Try to have fruits and veggies a day and try to avoid junk food.  Lean protein is also good to maintain your sugar levels and try and avoid hypoglycemia. 1mg of folic acid along with Prenatal vitamins and iron supplements are recommended for all twin pregnancies. A weight gain of 16 to 26 kilos is normal for a mother with a normal BMI.

  1. Know what a High-risk Pregnancy is

Although having twins often puts you frightening, but it doesn’t mean something will go wrong.  High risk in your case could mean things like bed rest, preterm labor, and cesarean birth.

  1. Stay Active

Staying active is important to your health because staying active helps your body maintain good functionality and helps avoid back and joint aches. And also staying active will reduces your risk of gestational diabetes which is caused by your placenta secreting an anti-insulin hormone. Gentle exercises such as yoga are also recommended to help tone your muscles and keep them ready for labor, if the pregnancy is complicated by partial bed rest, ask your doctor if you can continue with yoga and pilates to keep your muscle toned and avoid body aches.

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  1. Lay down on Your Side

Most mothers are recommended to start sleeping on their side 20weeks in normal pregnancy, but when carrying twins, 16 weeks is suggested. The uterus growing in size can compress the blood vessels restricting the blood flow back to your heart. This can make you feel dizzy or weak.

  1. Search for Professional Care

Hiring a professional nurse who is trained in caring for pregnant women is a good idea instead of a midwife because trained nurses know better ways to deal with pregnant women who are at high-risk pregnancies. The most important benefit is that you can get an appointment with the gynecologist through your nurse.

  1. Find Good Resources

twin pregnancy

Read self-help books that offer plenty of twins baby pregnancy tips. There are many well-written books that give good advice on pregnancy and raising babies to their toddler years. You might also search for blogs and video channels that do the same.

So hope you liked the above article “How to care for yourself while having Twins?” and find useful. Did these tips and points help you take down your tension? If you find any of the above tips helped and if you had loved this article we had love to hear about your results. Are there any questions or if you have any other suggestion and inquiries you can get in touch with me through the comments section.


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