How To Effectively Get Rid Of A Migraine – Home Remedy

Migraine Remedies

Looking for a Migraine Home remedy? Whether you have been suffering from sinus headache, severe migraine or a tension headache, the pain is always unbearable and all we can do is look out for medicines to get rid of migraine as soon as possible.

But taking medicine is not always the best solution. You might get quick relief from medicine but taking it too often might sometime cause a huge side effect.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of A Migraine Naturally

You can’t be dependent on the medicine always as you might risk your life or it might even damage your pain receptor nerve. So to substitute medicine below here are five home migraine remedies that will help you get rid of migraine instantly.

Elixir Of Headache Ginger

People often term ginger as the elixir of headache and consider it as one of the best options to look for while curing a migraine. It helps in relieving pain instantly. Ginger has an anti-inflammatory property which helps in bringing down the inflammation of blood vessels to the head so as to help in releasing pain. This also helps in digestion and nausea which comes with the migraine headache is controlled by the ginger.

Take 5-10 slices of ginger and dip in warm water to make tea or coffee. You can also mix equal parts of lemon juice and ginger in a glass full of warm water. Now take a spoon of honey and mix it with the water. This works as one of the best home remedies for migraine.

Home Remedies of Migraine

Thyme As A Home Remedy

Thyme is also used as other tops of most remedies of the home which cures migraine. This is also known as the king of the kitchen. Thyme basically contains an ingredient called carvacrol. This chemical is the same as that of which is present in most of the pain killer medicine.

All you have to do is soak a towel in a hot water and 3-4 drops of thyme oil. Take the hot compress and apply wherever you are feeling the pain.

However, in the case of migraine, a cold compress will do much better work. Another remedy which can cure migraine is steep the thyme in boiling water and add one spoon of honey.


If you are suffering from the headache of the blocked nose then take an onion and slice it up to get rid of the headache immediately. Your eyes and nose will run and your sinus will clear up eventually.

It is also the best cure for migraines. Basically onions contain a chemical in them which is known as quercetin which helps in fighting inflammation and the infections and make them ready to clear the sinuses or relief in migraine.

However, if you have a problem in your eyes with the direct use of the onion then use them for inhalation through the stem just like that of ginger.

Migraine Home Remedies

Stretching Yourself

Sometimes migraines and headaches are often caused due to the muscles that are tensed in the shoulder, neck, and scalp. You can stretch these areas up a little bit in order to release the pain and lower the tension which is intense.

All you have to do is bend your neck towards both sides of the shoulder and rotate it in an anticlockwise and clockwise direction.  Repeat this process for around five to six times in order to relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

Move your chin right and left in an alternate fashion along with the upward and downward motion. These exercises are for a few minutes but will give you an instant relief from migraines.

Grab a cup Of Tea

You can also go for a cup of green tea to get rid of your migraine instantly as they are filled with antioxidants. An irregular digestive system or a sensitive nervous system might be the reason for migraine or headaches.

Natural Remedies for MigraineDrinking a cup of green tea fuels the nervous system and helps the digestive system works well. Take a fresh cup of green tea and add some lemon drops in it along with a spoonful of honey to taste. Don’t forget to mix a few basil leaves. Don’t let the tea to be cold, drink when it is warm.

So, the above-mentioned points were 5 homemade remedies to get of migraine at home. Let us know which one of those do you think is the best.


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