Best Foods And Exercises To Increase Height Fast (Comprehensive Guide)

Exercises to Increase Height

Here is a list of foods and exercises to Increase height. There are surely certain perks associated with having a tall and handsome figure. It is the dream of many boys and girls to have a shapely and tall figure. It is one of the main reasons why they try to increase height naturally. But why is this sudden obsession with an increased height?

Foods and Exercises To Increase Height Fast

Well, to begin with, an increased height will surely give your confidence that boost. I mean, come one, you are taller than most people. Wouldn’t it be a great kick to the confidence? Certainly, it will be.

But then again, for some people, growth doesn’t happen that easily, does it? Some people experience the sudden growth spurt and add a few inches to their height but most of them don’t.

Foods and Exercises That Will Help In Increasing The Height

Are you someone who wants to increase height naturally? Well, there you must know that a healthy diet and exercises are your only option.

Yes, you heard it right. You certainly know the importance of a healthy lifestyle in weight increase. But it is also true that they help a lot in increasing the height as well. Given below is a list of foods to increase height and exercises to increase height in an effective way.

Foods to Increase Height 

  1. Dairy Products

Do you know how important calcium is for growing those extra inches in your height? No? Well, then it is time to know. Having calcium-rich products such as milk, cheese, and other dairy products will provide your body with the much-needed height boost and make you a few inches tall as well.

  1. Eggs

This particular list of foods to increase height will certainly not be complete if eggs are not added to it. Eggs are affordable and are an extremely great way of gaining a few extra inches of height. Rich in Vitamin B2, Vitamin D and most importantly calcium, eggs are the savior for people with short height.

  1. Chicken

For someone who is trying to gain the extra height at an age of 25 years, we would say that chicken is certainly the best options. Filled with proteins and other natural sources of nutrients, the chicken will give your height the boost that it needs. Say goodbye to short height by having loads of chicken in your diet.

  1. Soy Bean

It is time for some vegetarian action, people. You will be amazed to hear that Soy Bean is one of the best foods to increase height. Soy Bean helps a lot when it comes to increasing the height naturally and they are rich in protein and vitamins so that is always a good thing.

  1. Nuts

Most people don’t get that nuts are an absolute package of great qualities. Here you thought they can just be used for snacks, right? Seeds and nuts such as pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, peanuts, almonds and many others help in optimizing the body’s growth by boosting up the growth hormones.

Food and Exercises to Increase Height

Height Increasing Exercises

Jumping Exercises

This is one of the great exercises to increase height effectively. All you have to do is jump up and down to increase the height in a natural and effective way. It will also be a great help if you do the jumping jacks, skip ropes and do the other related exercises as well.

Hanging Exercises

Now that does sound absolutely fun, right? Hanging is one of the best ways to stretch your body and increase height naturally. You won’t even have to worry about equipment and other goods. All you need is a rod to hang and you are all set. Hold the rod with your hands and pull yourself up. You will see the results.

Cobra Stretch

The Cobra Stretch gets its name from the shape of the body that it makes. Lie down flat on the stomach and lift up the half part of your body by keeping your hands on the floor. This exercise has got many benefits and increasing your height is one of them.

The Cat And Cow Stretch

Get your body on all fours by your with your face facing the floor. Move your back up and down in the same position. This particular stretch is known as the Cat and Cow Stretch and it is an excellent exercise to increase height naturally.

Table Top Pose

For this pose, you to sit on the floor while your hands are on the ground. Now lift the body up to make the shape of a table. You will surely feel the stretches, for sure.

Increasing height can be a tough deal. But with the help of the right lifestyle, you will surely gain the few inches. What are you waiting for people? Set ready to try out some of these foods and exercises now.


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