5 Fastest Ways To Shed Pounds In One Week Without Exercise!

5 Fastest Ways To Shed Pounds In One Week Without Exercise

Nobody wants to put on weight look fat and unattractive. In order to avoid building up fat and a lot of weight, people resort to various method but most of them do not provide a quick remedy.

Fastest Ways To Shed Pounds In One Week Without Exercise

Putting on weight is but losing it quickly can be a great pain to anyone regardless of their age. However, there a few ways which can help you put on those summer swimsuits or the party wear for the event happening at the beginning of next week without exercise.

Yes, that’s right without exercise

The methods listed below are some of the 5 Fastest ways to shed pounds in one week without exercise.

1. Eat with Hand

The civilization where people often eat from clean washed hands are thinner because picking up food with hand makes them conscious. The person can finally realize the amount of food they are consuming after they start taking foods with their own hands. When people use a spoon at the dinner table they often take small portion which they keep on eating unconsciously because the portion is irrelevantly small.

Fastest Ways To Shed Pounds In One Week Without Exercise

However, when people start eating with hand people often start realizing the amount of food because the portions they are eating tend to be large. The psychological effect of eating large portion will make people reduce the amount of food they are eating and results will show within the week.

2. Get the Smaller Plates

The bigger the plates smaller the portion you see on your plate. The root cause of eating more and gaining more weight is the bigger size of plates people use in the dinner table. Conversely, when the people see smaller plates full even with a small portion of food, it leaves a psychological effect that they are eating too much. One can start seeing an immediate result after eating on a smaller plate within a week.

3. Decrease Carbohydrate and Increase Protein

Instead of avoiding the food altogether within a week one must manage their diet effectively for decreasing their weights and cutting the fat in system fast. The carbohydrate is digested easily and an excess amount of it store up quickly as fat. The protein, on the other hand, is hard to digest up food and leaves the effect of being full for a longer period of time.

The more protein ingestion means less number of snacks or meals taken and less fat. Thus, one should increase protein but the protein consumption for weight loss must come from plant sources like beans instead of animal fat-laced meat. So, one must avoid animal fat and take beans for a healthier weight loss plan.

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4. Prep Meals at Home

The industrial products packed for a quick and easy meal at the workplace or school ought to be avoided at any cost because they pack unhealthy materials contributing to fat gain. The industrially packaged product often employ the use of palm oil, coconut oil, sugar and much more adding to one’s weight.

The healthy food prepped at home and packed in a lunch box can eliminate the unwanted saturated fat altogether and help you lose weight easily. Start the week by preparing lunch box at home and realize your dream of getting to the weight you always wanted to be by the end of the week.

Fastest Ways To Shed Pounds In One Week Without Exercise

5. Decrease Sugar

The intake of sugar is another problem causing weight problem in people. People often take high caloric sugary diets like chocolates, cakes and much more throughout the day causing an excess gain in the weight. If possible a person should completely avoid intake of artificial sugar for decreasing with by the end of the week. The artificial sugar is high calorie and often associated with problems relating to tooth decay as well.

Instead, a person should engage in consuming sugar from natural sources like fruits and plants. The healthy type of sugar comes from fresh sugar cane juice, apples, berries, watermelons and many kinds of sources. These don’t store up as fat since they come from dietary fiber sources and they will keep your weight under control.

In the End

The 5 Fastest way to shed pounds in one week without exercise way to shedding weight is effective and it definitely helps you in suiting yourself in attire of your desire by the end of the week. However, the better results of weight control appear only when these routines are followed for a longer period.


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