These 5 Exercises Will Help You Reduce Arm Fat In 2 Weeks

Exercises to lose Arm Fat

Big and flabby arms are just the perfect image ruining things. When you have flabby arms, not only does this put your image down but it is also really hard for carrying. Especially if you have a slim figure. There are many propel who have to deal with the shame and humiliation of having flabby arms. Everybody nowadays is worried about having the perfect figure. Girls dream of a toned and fit body whereas the boys want a muscular build as well.

5 Best Exercises to Reduce Arm Fat

No one likes to have a saggy arm holding them down, right? They make your whole body look imbalanced. So, it is not too late no as well, people? Get on with some exercise and try to include the arm-toning workouts in your routine. This will not only be a help in reducing the fat but it will also make sure that you have toned arms as well. You will gain back the confidence that you lost.

The arms are the main region where most people accumulate fats. Even if the body tends to have a normal figure, it the arms that go all flabby and weigh too much. Well, with the help of exercising everything can be brought back to normal. There isn’t much that exercises cannot solve. The arm-toning workouts are the best ones for the entire weight-loss session. Go from flabby arms to fabulous arms with the help of these amazing arm toning workouts

5 Home Exercises to Reduce Arm Fat

The triceps are the back portion of the arms and these are the parts that get most affected with fats. This is where the fats get stored and hence they are called the fat guzzlers. Doesn’t it seem annoying if you have flabby arms? Want to lose arm fat? Well, the exercises that we are going to show you here are going to help you do exactly that.

Weight Lifting

This arm-toning exercise has time and again proved itself to be a worthy competitor in the list of the best arm-toning workouts. Weightlifting will undoubtedly give you fabulous arms and a perfectly toned body. All you need to do is select a particularly heavyweight. There so many heavy-weight items in the house such as cold-drink bottles, bookcases and what not. Choose a weight that is over a kilo. Lift the weights while you keep your arms straight and see the results.

Chair Dips

This is another one of the most effective, fat-reduction workout that will not only tone your arms but will also benefit your back muscles. All you have to do is choose some furniture which is at least 2ft high. Keep your back to the furniture and then place the hands on the furniture. Make sure that your arms are apart. Move away a bit from the chair as it will be your starting point. Now bend the knees as you try to come in level with the chair. Now get back up. Repeat the procedure and see the results.

Excercises for Arm Fat

Counter Push-Ups

This particular exercise doesn’t require any kind of equipment so you will be able to perform it anywhere. Just make sure there is a counter there like a table or a kitchen counter. Face the counter and place your arms on it. Move away from the counter with your arms still on it and move till you feel your tiptoes touching the ground. Now all you have to do is bend the elbows and reach the counter in that position. Go back to your original position and repeat the thing.


One of the best workouts to lose arm fat is the scissors. You have to stand up straight and lift the arms to the position of your shoulder. Stretch your hands to either side. Move your hands to make a cross out of them while they are stretched out. This workout technique is one of the best arm-toning workouts for losing arm fat.

Exercises To Lose Arm Fat

Arm Circles

+arm circles are another classic workouts that can help to make the arm fat go whooshing away. The process is very simple. All you have to do is stand straight and stretch your hands out. Now do small circles with your hands, first in a forward motion and then in a backward motion. Do that 50 times each and then you will see the results.

The arm-toning workouts are extremely important, no doubt. With these few mentioned exercises, you will be able to lose arm fat effectively.


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