Exercises To Help Train For A Perfect Pullups – Proven Methods!


When it comes to bodybuilding and toning up, biceps are an important part. To lose weight get your desired body it’s all about the attitude you have in your mind. More determined you are, more you will be closer doing your workout properly. It takes a considerable amount of time, hard work and practice to reach the point of executing perfect pull-ups.

Exercises To Help Train For A Perfect Pull-ups

Pull-ups have the potential to work successfully on your biceps and lats. It is very important to learn the right technique to execute the pull-ups. However, it is not that easy as it takes a considerable amount of strength to lower and raise body weight while suspended.

What are Pull-ups?

Your muscles have to be very strong for pull-ups. So, in case you fail to do four sets of 15 repetitions without any support, there are some exercises or workouts that may prepare for your wonderfully superb biceps and lats as you will be able to do the pull-ups perfectly, that too without any boost. You just need to incorporate some repetitions of workouts in a daily exercise regime. These workouts are the base that helps in strengthening the back and arms, which are essential for pull-ups.

Inverted Row

Inverted Row

The inverted row is the best work out to focus on the strength of your back while pulling as this exercise is powerful in building the mind-muscle connection. It also brings in strength to the rhomboids and lats. You can ask your trainer for proper posture and technique to do this.

Hanging Hollow Hold

This is for your strengthening your grip as the emphasis is on the pressure in the hands. It is like hoping up to hang from a bar using an overhead grip. For this, you need to tuck the tailbone of yours thereby engaging the core. A considerable amount of pressure is required from the outside of the hands.

3 Kettlebell Single-Arm Row

3 Kettlebell Single-Arm Row

Yet another workout to strengthen your core and keep your back pain at bay is the Kettle-bell single-arm row. The position of the workout is like the position of holding a lawnmower. Still, check the posture and techniques with your trainer. The main thing to ensure here is to keep a flat back throughout.

Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl

The most important thing in pull-ups is to have strong biceps. The strength, therefore, is required from the biceps here. Also, you don’t have to swing your biceps. Mind it, cheating in these exercises which are the base for pull-ups, will never let you go across the bar.

Some Tips for Pull-ups

First thing first, practice, practice, and practice. The more you practice, the more you build the strength to do perfect pull-ups. More and more pull-ups mean making your neuromuscular system more efficient. In this way, the pull-out movement is set in your mind and body, and with daily practice, pull up becomes more refined.

Second, focus more on increasing your grip strength. More powerful and firm the grip, the more are the chances to execute perfect pull-ups.

Third, too obvious to say, but yes, loose fat. Rather than focusing on the pull-ups, focus on your body weight and fats as well. So, start with morning walks and other cardio workouts alongside. The pull-ups become much easier with less body weight. So, get set to go if you are on the higher side of the pendulum.

Fourth, the grip that you use shall be slightly wider than the shoulder grip. There are various variations in these. With a wider grip, it becomes easier to practice pull-ups. The lats shall be stretched out, and the shoulders should be mobile.

Fifth, work on your lats. That’s very important for preparing or getting trained for perfect pull-ups. So, to help your lats getting engaged, you can work on straight arm pull down.

Sixth, weighted pull-ups are also advised to gain expertise. So, you can start adding weight if you reach the mark of doing 5 or more than 5 pull-ups.

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So, there are some basic principles to be followed if you have to train yourself to do the perfect pull-ups. And, more important is the honesty and dedication you put into your workout. Your dedication and determination are the most important for a healthier and fitter you. The exercises mentioned above will not only prepare you for the pull-ups but also work on your core. Your body is the best reflection of yourself, so take good care of it.


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