8 Effective Remedies For Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods every woman will remember and cherish without regrets. It is a period of immense joy coupled with excitement. This article will be on 8 effective remedies for lower back pain during pregnancy, a common issue found in most cases.

8 Effective Remedies For Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is common but that doesn’t mean it’s any less painful or discomforting. Why do pregnant women get back pain? The answer is obvious- you’re gaining weight especially in the middle that means your center of gravity changes putting pressure on the lower back. At the same time, your hormones work on relaxing the pelvic joints. All this together makes back pain so uncomfortable during pregnancy. However, there are ways to prevent and ease back pain during this critical period.

So if your back starts talking to you and not in a very nice way then it time to follow these 8 effective remedies for lower back pain during pregnancy.

1.The Right Kind of Gear

When you are pregnant it’s mandatory that you give importance to comfort first rather than style and fashion, for example, wear a nonflat but low heeled shoes. If you are suffering some kind of back pain completely avoid high heels. Wearing heels can shift the body balance forward leading to pelvic pain and can also increase the chance of falling. A maternity belt is also a good choice to cure lower back pain, but the actual benefits of wearing a maternity belt are yet to be researched but overall an extra support would be a relief for to be moms.

2.Practicing Good Posture

The changes a women’s body goes through during the pregnancy cycle is a complete miracle. As the baby grows inside her body the of gravitational effect on the body makes the body shifts forward.  To compensate this the body will automatically lean backward. This causes pressure in the lower back causing which later causes lower back pain. Here are the basic principles for maintaining a good body posture:

“Stand up straight and tall, keep your shoulders back and relaxed, don’t lock your knees and hold your chest high.”

Following a wide stance while you stand will ensure better support for the body also if you are standing for long periods of time, take frequent breaks and also try resting one foot on a low step stool.

3.Include Physical Activity in your Daily Routine

Never remain too idle throughout your pregnancy, talk to your doctor about the kind of physical activity that you can do. Do not try any physical exercise or weight training without a doctors opinion. But some kind of physical activity can help you keep your back strong and help in combating pain during pregnancy.  Usually, if you have no other complications your doctor might suggest you try exercises such as walking or water exercise. He/she may also ask you to stretch your back along with other stretching exercises.

Note: no matter how light the exercise is- do not try anything with our consulting with your doctor first.

4. When You Lift, Lift Properly

Whenever you need to pick up something from the ground squat down and lift with your legs. Don’t bend at the waist or lift with your back, this could be extremely dangerous for you as well as the baby. Also, talk to your doctor about lifting weights. It’s very important to know your limits- what works for someone else might not work for you.

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

5. Sleep on your side

When you suffer from lower back pain it’s always preferred to sleep on your side and not your back. You can either keep one or both knees bend. Support or pregnancy pillows can also help and will help you sleep more comfortable. Try keeping the pillow in between your bend legs, on the back and under the stomach. This can give instant relief to help you sleep comfortably.

6. Try Applying Heat or Cold Massage

While this might not work for severe pain, if you are just beginning to experience discomfort, applying heat or cold pads on the area and gently massaging can help you relive the pain and discomfort.

7. Try Complementary Therapies

Though the success rate is not very solid, it has been suggested that acupuncture might help in relieving back pain during pregnancy.  Also, Chiropractic treatment might help some, it’s always safe to discuss any kind of treatment big or small with your doctor.

8. Practice Deep Breathing

Belaboured breathing can lead to backache during pregnancy. When your body starts expanding the ribs get squished with leads to improper breathing.  The diaphragm tends to not function properly, hence the rib cage doesn’t move as it should, leading to pain. Using proper breathing techniques can help keep your rib cage moving properly. This method is known as core breathing when you practice core your ribs cage stars moving out and up on the inhale and in and down on the exhale.

When to go to a doctor:

  • If you have severe back pain during pregnancy or back pain that lasts more than two weeks (don’t sit and wait around for two weeks), in most cases the doctor might recommend you with medicines such as Tylenol (acetaminophen) along with other tablets. But please note that trying pain relief medications during pregnancy without a doctors opinion is strictly a NO-NO.
  • In some cases, back pain can also be caused due to preterm labor or a urinary tract infection.
  • If you are experiencing back pain accompanied by vaginal bleeding, fever or burning during urination, then contact your doctor immediately.

Let us know your experiences and suggestion through our comments section.

I hope the above tips given in my article, 8 effective remedies for lower back pain during pregnancy, helped find relief and have a happy pregnancy, becoming a mother is certainly one of the best phases of a woman’s life. Cherish every month and very movement Good luck.


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