Top 10 Effective Exercises To Do At Your Desk Sitting – Must Try!

10 Effective Exercises To Do At Your Desk Sitting

Here are the top 10 effective exercises to do at your desk sitting. Human life has changed a lot through the ease and development of the modern world. With a lot of machines, equipment’s, tools and computerized robots around there is little physical labor required in the work performed.

Effective Exercises To Do At Your Desk Sitting

The modern day life may have become easy because of computer and equipment’s but sitting in front of the desk the whole day has increasingly made life difficult for many people around the globe. People are now prone to various new diseases arising from sitting too long in front of desks. Most of this disease particularly affect body posture, nerve health, muscle health, heart health, eye health and much more.

What to do?

One must learn to keep their body active through optimum exercise and find time to save themselves from the diseases acquired from sitting too much in front of the computer screens. These diseases can be tackled by exercise but people do not even have time to exercise. In order to tackle this problem of time management, the desk exercise has been built to ease the body and prevent diseases which can lead to life-threatening conditions. The top 10 effective exercises to do at your desk sitting listed below to prevent you and fix the problems occurring from a desk job. However, these exercises may not be good for people with problems. Thus, consult a physician before performing them.

  1. Squats

squatsThe squat is one of the easiest exercises which can be done in one place and make use of most part of the body. You can squat whether your office chair is made up of plastic, wood, metal or any material. In order to begin squatting stand up from your chair, spread your legs a little and start seating down on the chair starting from the hips with a straight back. Let your buttocks touch the chair and raise them back up. This works your hips, legs, whole back and shoulder muscles decreasing back pain along with postural discomfort.

  1. Wrists Exercises

Wrists Exercises

The wrist is the most ignored part of the body while performing exercises of any sort of exercises. Whether one is seated in the desk or on the field no one actually cares much about them. However, hands are important and one should take good care of the joints in them. Before you begin your work or end it every day at desk twist your hands by forming a knuckle and twist them in a clockwise motion. Repeat the same in anti-clockwise direction too.

  1. Shoulders

ShouldersIf you are the diligently hardworking staff of your company, no one needs to remind you of aching shoulders. The shoulders even freeze in one place if things start getting worse by the end of the day. However, it can be decreased by shoulder shrugging right on your desk. Start taking slow deep breaths while you raise your shoulder up to your earlobes. Hold your breath and shoulder for 5-10 seconds and slowly let go. Repeat this exercise until your shoulder feels relieved.

  1. Torso Twist

Torso TwistThis is an exercise designed to stretch the upper body and those hips. The exercises tend to release the stiff back and shoulders which cause major ailments to your body. In order to perform this exercise, seat yourself comfortably in the chair, place your right hand on the knee of your opposite leg which is the left knee. Then twist your hip towards the left shoulder and hold for 15-30 seconds. Perform the same in opposite position and you will feel great relief.

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  1. Torso Crunch

Torso CrunchTorso crunch is another exercise which is great for your whole body and acts as a sitting cardio exercise. Make your sure chair does not move from the place and it has sturdy handles on the sides before you do this exercise. Grab the handles of the chair while you are seated as close to the edge of the chair as possible. Start taking deep breaths, as you release you are breathing lift the buttocks from a chair and bring the legs to the chest for a crunch.

  1. Chest StretchChest Stretch

The exercise is good for your shoulders, chest and neck muscles. The exercises stretch the muscles on the upper body and release the pressure. In order to do this exercise sit straight close to edge on the chair and bring both your hands behind the back. Start joining the palms of hand and stretch.

  1. Neck Stretch

Neck Stretch

The exercise is not as demanding as yoga poses and is fairly easy. The exercises releases trap muscles in the shoulder and relieve pressure in the neck. Look straight to the wall in front of you and remain straight take a few breaths. Bend your right ear towards right shoulder take breathe in that position breathe out back to original position and repeat with the left side.

  1. Seated Hip Bends

Seated Hip Bends

In this exercise, you raise your hands up to the ceiling while your head and upper body are in straight alignment. Then you slowly start to bend either side of your chair while releasing your breath, hold for a few minutes and come back up with slow deep breath and repeat on another side. This exercise eases back, shoulder and neck muscles.

  1. Knee Hugging

Knee Hugging

This exercise is designed to stretch your lower back, inner hip muscles and leg muscle all the once for ease to the back and buttocks. You need to let one of your legs rest on the ground while you hold another leg with both your arms and bring it to the chest for a stretch. Repeat on both sides to ease the muscles in equal balance.

  1. Press for Knees

Press for Knees

The knee press releases tension in the hips and thighs to ease your body. This exercise is simple and you do not leave your chair for this exercise like every exercise on the list. Place your left leg on your right knee (or vice versa) and start pressing the knee with the leg to stretch those muscle.

So now you have got an idea about the top 10 effective exercises to do at your desk sitting. Just try and be healthy!


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