Does Snoring Cause Health Risks? All About Myth Vs Fact

Does Snoring Cause Health Risks Myth Vs Fact

If you, your partner or anyone in your family has been suffering from snoring, let me began by stating the fact that snoring is a normal condition. It can happen to anyone but is normally found in men and people who are overweight.

Does Snoring Cause Health Risks? Myth Vs Fact

If someone snores from a younger age then there is a tendency that this might worsen with age. Occupational snoring is nothing to worry about but it can be quiet irritating to your partner. But there are cases when your snoring could possibly be affecting yours as well as your loved ones sleep patterns. Here am going to address the topic,

”Does Snoring Cause Health Risks? Myth Vs Fact”. Before getting into the topic, here are some basics associated with snoring.

Why do We Snore?

Snoring usually occurs when the air flow through our nose and mouth is obstructed due to various factors.

Does Snoring Cause Health Risks

  • Weak or poor muscle in the tongue and throat: While you sleep your tongue and throat muscles can become more relaxed than usual and hence fall back and collapse blocking the airway. Muscle usually relax so much if you are in deep sleep or you tend to use sleeping pills or alcohol. This could also occur as a natural aging phenomenon.
  • When the natural airway is blocked: This happens when you have an allergy or severe cold. Snoring due to this is perfectly normal.
  • Deviated septum: Some people are born with a deviated spectrum or this could also happen due to injuries or sinus infection, this could lead to blockage of air flow especially when you sleep causing snoring.
  • Bulky throat tissue: This issue is caused by becoming overweight, apart from this the bulky through an also be caused by tonsils and adenoids.
  • Dangling tissue: Long soft palate and/or uvula can lead to narrow the throat opening. When once sleep the vibrate and run against one another causing one to snore.

Here are Some of the Health Risks Associated with Snoring:

When snoring becomes a habit it could lead to a serious health condition known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that needs to be taken care of, if not it can cause several problems, including:

  • Light sleeping
  • Interrupted sleeping
  • A strain on the heart
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart enlargement
  • Insomnia
  • Total obstruction of the airway

Snoring Cause Health Risks

People usually misunderstand snoring and Sleep Apnea. Habitual snoring could be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea but that does not mean that everyone who snores has sleep apnea. sleep apnea needs to be treated or else could lead to Obstructive sleep apnea which is a serious condition that could cause you to temporarily stop breathing when you are asleep. But you need not worry about this since this condition has various treatment methods such as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), oral appliance therapy and surgery that will help you resolve the condition permanently.

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Normal Snoring can be Avoided with the following tips:

  • Changing the sleep position.
  • Losing Weight.
  • Practicing Good Sleep Hygiene.
  • Opening Nasal Passages.
  • Changing their Pillows.
  • Staying Well Hydrated.
  • Avoiding Alcohol.
  • Keeping the head raised while sleeping.
  • Using nasal strips of other devices
  • Treating chronic allergies
  • Correcting the structural problems of the noise
  • Using oral appliances

I hope the article, ” Does Snoring Cause Health Risks? Myth Vs Fact” answers all your questions regarding snoring. I also hope the remedies mentioned above has helped you sort the issue out. I personally recommend using a simple mask such as the Elinore chin strap which effectively helps you get rid of snoring. Unlike the other methods, the masks are simple to use, comfortable and less expensive. Let me know which method worked the best for you. I’ll be happy to hear your reviews and suggestions.


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