How To Cure Sweaty Hands Permanently And Naturally?

How to cure sweaty hands permanently and naturally

How to cure sweaty hands permanently and naturally? If you are searching for an answer to this question, this article might help you a lot. Many people face a condition characterized by excessive sweating. This sweating can affect just one precise area or else the whole body. This problem of excessive sweating is not at all life-threatening but it can be uncomfortable for all and can also lead to psychological trauma and embarrassment. Same as our body, our hands also have sweat glands and are affected by the environmental, emotional and medical triggers.

How to Cure Sweaty Hands Permanently and Naturally?

Some people in spite of being fit and healthy get sweaty hands, as they have a medical condition called hyperhidrosis which can cause any specific part or whole body to sweat heavily. Sweaty hands condition is not uncommon and sweaty hands cure is also not very difficult. However, sweating is a very important process our bodies use to cool down so that it can easily maintain body temperature naturally. With hyperhidrosis condition sweat glands are overactive than normal and which in turn leads to excessive sweating.  One of the most important areas for excessive sweating is hands.

Causes of sweaty hands and feet

Sweating is a natural process that assists your body to maintain body temperature. Sometimes excessive sweating can lead to much embarrassment and can also have an adverse impact on your social interactions too. There are many surprising factors that cause sweaty hands. The sweaty hand’s treatment is not very complicated, but for this first, you should understand sweaty hand causes.

  1. Genes

How to cure sweaty hands

One of the leading causes of sweaty hands is your genes. It is your bad luck if you have faulty genes which cause sweaty hands and which is passed from one generation to another. It is not necessary that if you don’t have and sweaty hands symptoms then you will not face this problem. However, genes are also responsible for sweaty hands problems. If you are worried regarding how to cure sweaty hands, then don’t worry it is not an impossible task. There are many sweaty hands treatments which can help you to get rid of sweaty hands and which can for sure improve your life.

  1. Stress

The more stressed you are, the more you will experience the sweaty hands’ situation. As per studies, stress triggers our fight response and release hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. These hormones, in turn, help to face stress but raise body temperature. The human body maintains this body temperature by activating sweat glands and which leads you to sweat round the clock. The area of sweating can be specific like hands, and also it can include your entire body.

  1. Low blood sugar

Your blood sugar levels also cause sweaty hands and excessive body sweating. The human body requires a constant supply of energy to work efficiently. When your blood sugar levels fluctuate, it releases stress hormones and stimulates sugar which is already stored in your body. This release of sugar from your body can also be recognized as one of the symptoms of stress such as shaking or else sweaty hands. Sweaty hands cure is possible for sugar patients by maintaining their sugar level and stress wisely.

  1. Drinking too much alcohol

The main cause of sweaty hands is consuming excessive alcohol. Drinking one or two glasses is much sufficient for you to enjoy. But if you drink excessively then, it can create a problem. Drinking too much alcohol triggers sweaty hands symptoms. As alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate and which causes a warming effect in the body, which leads to the releasing plenty of sweat.

  1. Spicy food and coffee

Coffee intake and consumption of spicy foods can cause sweaty hands. Including these two things in your daily routine will worsen sweaty hands symptoms. Together spicy foods and coffee contain neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, and which causes sweat glands to overreact and which leads to excessive amounts of sweat. Consumption of these two things will slow down the treatment of sweaty hands.

Natural remedies for sweaty hands

Home remedies for sweaty Hands

Do you feel embarrassed owing to your sweaty hands? Are you worried about how to cure sweaty hands? If yes, then don’t worry, we have listed some effective ways to cure sweaty hands naturally. They are;

  • Rosewater

If you are searching for ways to cure sweaty hands caused by hyperhidrosis, then it can be easily done with the help of rosewater.  You can easily make your rose water by boiling fresh rose petals too. You just have to apply rosewater on your hands every morning as you wake up. It will give you a nice cooling effect and will also help you to get rid of sweaty hands.

  • Tomato juice

One of the best natural remedies for sweaty hands treatment is tomato juice. It is the best sweaty hands treatment which helps to cool down your body temperature quickly. To get rid of sweaty hands soak your hands in the tomato juice for a few minutes to get rid of sweaty hands.

  • Lemon juice

Lemon juice also helps to cure sweaty hands as it has citric acid in it. Citric acid is a natural deodorant and is excessive control sweating effectively. You just have to rub half lemon on your hands by gently squeezing it. In case you are sensitive to lemon, dilute it in water and then apply on your hands.

  • Diet and Detox

If you are searching out for the best sweaty hands cure, then food might be the best medicine. Your diet can affect your sweating. There are many foods that increase sweating, and there are some which control excessive sweating. A healthy diet is the best sweaty hands treatment. A poor diet leads to emotional, physical as well as a mental imbalance. To cure sweaty hands eat the good stuff and stay away from bad stuff.

Final Thought

Don’t ever let sweaty hands control your life and make you embarrassed, in fact, keep in mind that it is a common problem. Sweaty hands treatment is possible, so instead of stressing yourself try to search out for best sweaty hands cure. Treat sweaty hands naturally at home to stay healthy and happy.


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