Can A Dog Make It Easier To Manage Diabetes? Latest Findings Reveled!

Can A Dog Make It Easier To Manage Diabetes

“Dogs are a man’s best friend” well the saying does actually make sense. Dogs can be great friends to humans as they are known to offer unconditional love, happiness, joy, and company. They can be your most loyal friend through thick and thin. Recently having dogs as pets have also proven to have various health benefit on the owners. Here are the latest findings, dogs could help people with type 1 diabetes to manage their conditions with extra confidence and a fresh/positive outlook.

Can A Dog Make It Easier To Manage Diabetes?

Thanks to today’s researchers, there are various studies that prove that canines and humans have a bond is deeper than we thought. Today dogs are in every field, be in the security, medical and mental health- dogs can help a blind man cross the road safety as well as sniff out illegal drugs at the airport. Dogs are also recommended by doctors to those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). That not it, in some cases dogs have even proved to detect cancer in humans.

Can a Dog make it Easier to Manage Diabetes? That’s what we are going to look into today. Keep reading to find out.

A new study has recently shown that dogs can help people with diabetes by alerting them beforehand to low blood sugar (hypoglycemic episode). This can make the timing of taking insulin much easier. individuals with type 1 diabetes need to be cautious because having a  hypoglycemic episode can lead to loss of consciousness and even seizures. If dogs can help deduct these episodes, how accurately can they do it?

dog and diabetics

Research has shown that dogs can deduct such cases with about 83% accuracy (as per PLOS One journal).  Researchers tested the theory on people with type 1 diabetes who own dogs such as Labrador retriever, golden retriever, Labrador retriever and golden retriever cross, lurcher, cocker spaniel, poodle, collie cross, Labradoodle, and Yorkshire terrier. These people were analyzed for about two weeks. Most of these dogs were already trained as Medical Detection Dogs.

These dogs were effectively able to pick up smell signals that doctors relate to the symptoms of low blood sugar. Another study included Looking at more than 4,000 instances of hypo- and hyperglycemic episodes here too the results were extraordinary. You can:

Learn management skills,  incorporating more physical activity into your daily life can help you to stay healthy. It turns out your dog might be able to help with a few of these changes, taking your pet for a walk or playing catch can do your more good than you actually think.

Say goodbye to loneliness,  your dog can sense when you need some extra love. With a cute dog keeps, Your dog can sense when you need some extra love. With a cute dog running around the house and keeping you busy all day long, you will forget to be lonely.

dog helps in diabetic

Apart from the above-said benefits, your dogs can do so much more. For some people, they’re a passion for others a pet and for people who suffer they are a happy, playful form of therapy.  Love your dog and he/she will love you back more then you do. Owning a dog can improve your mood, boost your immune system, and even reduce your anxiety and help you stay physically active. Get a dog and see life-changing. I hope you found the above article,” Can a dog make it easier to manage diabetes?” helpful.

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