Best Calcium Supplements For Toddlers With Milk Allergy

Calcium foods for babies

Finding an equivalent supplement or food for babies with the milk allergy is a tough job for many young mothers. Food allergies are prevalent nowadays amid toddlers, owing to which they can’t consume dairy products. Milk along with other dairy products is one of the top sources of calcium, which helps to build strong bones. Numerous parents feel worried when they came to know that their kid can’t drink milk as he/she has a milk allergy.

Calcium Rich Foods for Toddlers with Milk Allergy

Milk is known to be the best source of calcium and which also provides many other nutrients too. Though in case your kid is refusing to drink milk that means he/she have an allergy. There are many ways to provide calcium for toddlers with milk allergy. There are many options today, and so you should not worry regarding how to get calcium without dairy. Raising a dairy free kid is not a worried task for parents in today’s times as there are many dairy-free calcium supplements which can meet daily calcium intake of toddlers.

Importance of Calcium

Generally, kids amid 1 to 3 years require 700 mg of calcium daily, 4 to 8 years require 1000 mg of calcium daily and kids from 9 to 18 years of age require 1300 mg of calcium intake on a daily basis. And how to get calcium without dairy is not a big task now. Problems facing by the parents nowadays is that how to give calcium for toddlers with milk allergy. Calcium is a very much essential nutrient for every child as it is an essential nutrient that bids strong bones. Calcium also assists in keeps the muscles and nerves working and also helps to maintain your heart health. Toddlers require calcium the most like it the only chance for them to build strong bones for a lifetime. Kids are having a sufficient calcium intake since childhood turn out to start their adult lives with most robust bones. Every parent should know the importance of calcium in toddlers, some of them are:

  • Bone health development

Bones grow speedily in childhood and children require calcium to get support to build strong bones and along with this also to fight bone loss in later years. There are many baby calcium supplements available in the market if your kid has a milk allergy.

  • More than just bones

Calcium is known as the most important material to built strong bones and teeth. It is also very essential for your body to develop heart, nerves, and organs so that it can work in proper order.

Calcium supplement for babies

How to choose calcium supplements for kids?

Milk and other dairy products are recognized as the best calcium-rich source for toddlers. But what if your child has a milk allergy? It is not a matter of worry as there are many rich sources of calcium which may for sure surprise you. It’s not a difficult task to give calcium for toddlers with milk allergy. Also, there are ways to reduce your tension regarding how to get calcium without dairy. The time your kid starts eating solid food, you have many options to fulfill your kid’s calcium intake like there are many calcium supplements for 2 year old and also many calcium-rich foods for toddlers with milk allergy. Unfortunately nowadays most children whether it is a toddler, kids or teens often gets much less than recommended calcium in their daily calcium requirements. There are ways to provide calcium to them, let’s see what they are?

calcium rich food for babies

Calcium rich foods for babies with milk allergy

Relying on just milk to fulfill the requirements of calcium in your children is not sufficient nowadays and a nightmare for parents whose kids have a milk allergy. Intake of calcium for toddlers with a milk allergy is very important as it is the only age when bone development is in progress. Some of them are:

  • Soya beans- soya beans are known to be the best baby calcium supplement to fulfill not only its calcium requirement but also protein and iron.
  • Fish- another good source of calcium to meet your toddler’s calcium requirement, out of all Salmon is excellent. It contains a good amount of calcium, protein, phosphorus, vitamin B6 and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Almonds- a great source of calcium and one of the best calcium-rich foods for toddlers with milk allergy.
  • Papaya- it is also a good fruit source of calcium and best solution for how to get calcium without dairy. It is best for your health in all ages.
  • Orange – your toddler will get 65 mg of daily calcium by eating this citrus fruit. It is one of the topmost calcium-rich foods for toddlers with milk allergy.

Baby Calcium supplements

In case your kids are not taking a proper diet and are not able to get enough calcium in the diet then you can also add on baby calcium supplements in their daily routine. Choosing a calcium supplement is a confusing task for all parents as there are many kinds of calcium rich supplements are there in the market. Labels of these available calcium supplements in markets do not mention any type of daily recommendations which is the most important part. However, these dairy free calcium supplements help a lot to fulfill the calcium intake of your toddlers. Before choosing the appropriate calcium supplements for 2-year-old, more or less you should consider your child’s calcium intake as per its age and not only calcium you should also consider Vitamin D intake also. Choose the best calcium supplements for toddlers as per their age. Keep this in mind that without getting enough Vitamin D taking just calcium supplement is not enough. As calcium and vitamin together work hand in hand to give your toddler a proper and appropriate nutrient amount.

A Word From Our Nutritionist

Calcium rich recipes for toddlers are undoubtedly the best way to fulfill their daily calcium requirements. There are many varieties of calcium rich foods for toddlers with milk allergy also which can help you out. However, if you are worried about how to get calcium without dairy then along with calcium rich recipes for toddlers you can also opt for calcium supplements for 2 years old or else of any age. Dairy free calcium supplement helps your child to grow and lead a healthy life by fulfilling their calcium needs.  Keep in mind that before choosing the calcium supplements for your child, it is very much important for the parents to understand and know the exact amount of calcium your child needs. After considering the daily calcium intake of your child as per the age, you will be able to choose the best baby calcium supplement for your child.


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