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The Booty Pro reviews

This The Booty Pro review is for those who are fantasizing a good looking contoured body. Whether you want to tone up for your wedding or you want to shed those extra pounds to fit into the little black dress that you would love to wear for a cocktail party, you need to train to get into shape. However, sparing time for the gym or outdoor activities may not be quite possible for people with hectic schedules.

The Booty Pro Review – Best Booty Workout System Or Just Hype?

The Booty Pro is one such unique product that lets you work-out at home with ease so you can achieve quick results. Here is The Booty Pro review, so you know how this work-out system helps you get a beautiful body.

What is The Booty Pro?

The product is created by Doctor Darren Fano who has completed his graduation from Life University, Life Chiropractic College, West Campus in the year 2000. He had more than 18 years of experience in the field of chiropractic.

Working out in the gym with different equipment and weights can affect your spine. Continuous usage of equipment to work-out can cause various serious conditions of the spine. Thus Dr.Fano designed The Booty Pro in a way that it keeps your spine safe while it works on the areas where fat is accumulated in your body.

The Booty Pro home exercise system is a training device that can be used for a full body work out at your house. It takes very less space, so you also have the ease to use when you are in office. The Booty Pro saves your spine from getting hurt but still gives you a wonderful toned body.

The Booty Pro reviews are amazing on the internet, and there are hundreds who seem to have already benefited with its usage. The Booty Pro – does it work? Keep reading to know more about this exercise system.

How does The Booty Pro work?

The Booty Pro has been designed to be used by both men and women of all age groups. It is especially helpful for those who are suffering from back problems. Spending just about 10 minutes on it helps in giving you are the stronger spine. Setting it up for various exercises is super easy. It uses adjustable bands that help you with your work-out. Keeping your spine safe this exercising product targets the problem areas where burning fat is difficult. A quick 15-minute session is like working out for almost an hour. Using the Precise Angle Technology, it directly lays pressure on the glute muscles, so your spine is not coerced. There are many Booty Pro training videos that come from its maker which you can follow to perform various exercises.

The Booty Pro Workout

You can do cardio boxing, lunges, leg raise, abdominal exercises, upper body exercises and many more using The Booty Pro system. As I already mentionedin this The Booty Pro review, There are several different types of easy body exercises that you can perform using this product. The experts have demonstrated how you can perform these exercises in videos which have been made available on The Booty Pro website. You can access these videos for free.

Pick videos that target the areas on your body that you want to shape up and create a daily exercise regime for you. For instance, bodybuilders and athletes may pick ones that target their arms or thighs while women looking forward to losing belly fat can pick exercises that target the stomach area and so on.

The exercises when performed using The Booty Pro are very effective and can get you in shape within a month provided you give 15 minutes of your day to your health.

Already decided? Check more about the Booty Pro system in Amazon!

Scientific Base behind The Booty Pro

Besides exercising there are many times that we bend or squat in our daily routine for different reasons – to pick up things, to move a thing from one place to the other, for gardening, etc. These are actions that cannot be avoided, and we do them unintentionally. Over time the back pain increases and leads to serious medical conditions of the spine. This is why Dr. Fano came up with an excellent solution.

The Booty Pro Home exercise system has not only been developed by a doctor, but it has also been bio-mechanically engineered and clinically tested before being made available to the people. In order to solve the problem of back the glutes and their core needed to be fortified. The bands provide exact angles of resistance which increases the flow of oxygen and blood to direct them to exactly where it is needed. According to The Booty Pro reviews, this strengthens and firms the muscles that help in supporting a healthy back and core. Using this unique exercising product will help in strengthening your lower back and then target your glutes and core to give you better back support.

The Booty Pro advantages

Traditional gym equipment and exercises that require you to place weights and loads on your shoulders and back compress and pressurize your spine, but The Booty Pro system has been developed to redirect the pressure to the targeted muscles which leads to quick shaping and toning of your body without harming your back and spine.

Who should buy The Booty Pro Home Exercise System?

The Booty Pro workout can be done by both men and women. This home exercising system is meant to improve the problems of the back. Thus those who are always harassed by back problems should use this wonderful product to help strengthen their back support system.

The Booty Pro Advantages & Disadvantages

As I mentioned in the Booty Pro review earlier, this is an excellent work-out system that has immense benefits when implemented in your daily routine. Here are some advantages of using The Booty Pro system:

The Booty Pro eBay

  • Strengthens Your Back

You no longer have to worry about spraining or hurting your back while exercising or doing other back related work around your house. The Booty Pro home exercising system helps you in your exercise routine by strengthening the muscles in your back and assuages the pressure on the lower back.

  • Improves Your Posture

The design of this product is such that it focuses on your core and firms the muscles of the back. This helps in improving the posture of the body.

  • Portable Home Exercising System

This is a very light and portable exercising product which can be taken around anywhere. So, pick your favorite spot where you feel comfortable and begin exercising. You also don’t have to worry about missing the gym while you are traveling. It is just about the size of a surfing board and can easily be taken along with your luggage.

  • Strong Gluteus Muscles

Having strong gluteus muscles can let you have an overall healthy spine system. Located in the buttocks, the gluteus muscles happen to be the strongest muscles in our body. It is joint to the tailbone and other bones located beside it. It is responsible for the proper movement of our things and hips. From climbing stairs to sitting there are several positions that require this muscle. The Booty Pro system has been designed to take care of the gluteus muscles while keeping your spine unharmed.

  • Overall Healthy and Fit Body

Going to the gym or indulging in other outdoor activities are all time taking. In fact, most of us tend to skip exercising because of the time crunch in our hectic schedule. With The Booty Pro home exercise, system, you don’t need to give long hours in the gym. Just about 15 minutes will help you get rid your lower back problems and also achieve a toned and sculpted body that you have always been looking forward to.

The creator of Booty Pro Dr.Fano is someone who belongs to a medical background and has years of practice in dealing with people suffering from back problems. He clinically tested the product before he could introduce it to others in the market.

The Booty Pro customer reviews can be found all over the internet, and none of them seem to have found this product to be a nuisance. They have benefitted from it and have also left several testimonials which speak well of the product.

The Booty Pro System Vs. The Booty Pro Deluxe

  1. The creator offers two types of work-out systems and there is a minor difference between the two products:
  • First, there is The Booty Pro System which has been made to focus on performing exercises for the whole body without pressurizing your spine or getting a lower back pain.
  • Second, there is The Booty Pro Deluxe which is meant to tone your booty, so you get a perfect body in no time.

2. There are two additional attachments that come with The Booty Pro Deluxe which are – a Booty Pro Block for added intensity and a waist belt for lunges and squats.

3. There is also a difference in the price of the exercising kit that they offer:

  • The Booty Pro System can be purchased for $218(now available at a discounted price for $189)
  • The Booty Pro Deluxe System can be purchased for $299(now available at a discounted price for $259)
Standard System
Deluxe System
(1) Adjustable Lap Band (1) Adjustable Lap Band
(2) Handles (2) Handles
(2) Short Blue Resistance Bands (2) Short Blue Resistance Bands
(2) Long Black Resistance Bands (2) Long Black Resistance Bands
(1) Booty Board (1) Booty Board
(1) Blue Thigh Band (1) Blue Thigh Band
(1) Ankle Belt (1) Ankle Belt
(1) Instructional & Exercise Poster (1) Instructional & Exercise Poster
(1) Nutritional Guide (1) Nutritional Guide
(1) Waist Belt for Squats & Lunges
(1) Booty Pro Block for Increased Intensity


The Booty Pro Bonuses

My The Booty Pro review will not be completed without mentioning its bonuses. The Booty Pro bonuses include:

  • Free exercise videos by the experts, so you get an idea on how to work-out while targeting different problem areas in your body.
  • If you are skeptical about investing in this product, the developers offer you to take a trial of their creation at $19.95. Once you are satisfied with the product, you can go ahead and make a purchase from them.
  • They offer easy payment plans to their users, so you don’t have to worry about paying a heavy amount at one go.

The Booty Pro Home Exercise System

Money back guarantee

They have an excellent money back guarantee plan in place. If you don’t think that the product works according to what The Booty Pro system promises and are not satisfied with the results, then you can go ahead and ship the product back to them within 30 days of its receipt. You need to send back the product in its original packing, and the company will pay you back the amount that you have paid towards its purchase or cancel the payment plan to set if any. Check some of the raving reviews of The Booty Pro in!

The Booty Pro Amazon

Where and how to buy The Booty Pro

The Booty Pro system is available on Amazon. But, if you are ready to wait for more than two weeks, you can also buy it from their official website. Any physical stores that are offering any similar products may not have an authentic product. If you want to benefit from this exercising system, then it is best that you bought the genuine product from Amazon or their official website only because it is your back and spine that is at stake. So, don’t fall for lesser prices that are offered on other websites. You can check the reviews and images from its actual buyers on Amazon.

The Booty Pro price


Let’s conclude this The Booty Pro review by saying few more words. Our spinal health is responsible for our overall wellness and health. It helps us stand erect and also performs several other functions. All the cells of our body are controlled by the nervous system. The spine supports this nervous system, but if the spine is harmed or doesn’t function as it should, there are a myriad of problems that you can face. Poor posture, weak muscles, reduced mobility in the surrounding muscles, sedentary lifestyle and poor bio mechanics can all upset your spine.

The Booty Pro home exercise system is a product that helps in strengthening your gluteus muscles which support the spine and keep it healthy. The product helps in fixing the pain experienced in the spine because of different exercises and actions we perform in our daily lives. Besides it also helps you tone and sculpt your body by losing the excess fat stored in difficult areas.

It also doesn’t demand excessive time nor does it occupy a huge space yet the results achieved are amazing. The Booty Pro system is a product that saves your time, gives you a fantastic body and also keeps you in good physical health.


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