5 Best Menopause Weight Gain Remedies That Actually Work!

Best Menopause Weight Gain Remedies

Here are the 5 best menopause weight gain remedies. Menopause is a great trouble for women as they are getting age. Hormonal changes of this time lead to two major issues, one is hot flashes and the other is weight gain. Menopause is actually the time that comes in every woman’s life when her periods stop, whether it is naturally or after losing ovary by surgery. The natural menopause is expected to occur in the age in-between 45 to 55, though some women are facing the same in comparatively younger age that early 40s or even 30s.

Best Menopause Weight Gain Remedies

The condition is actually raised and highly influenced by hormones or its levels. Every woman have some personal experience on their menopause, still, some are noticed as so common. Many women are notices with weight gaining symptoms as they suddenly put on some weight that is hampering their other related health areas too. In an addition, weight gaining can further lead a woman to have higher risks for heart problems, diabetes and many more. The severity differs on its own but it has to be handled well from the initial stage.

  1. Update Eating

Best Menopause Weight Gain Remedies

At a young age, you have so many eating habits. During menopause, you need to be a little conscious for your diets. It is recommended to eat less than before. You need to maintain your current weight and in this concern, you need to reduce your calorie intake. You should choose vegetables and fruits as your most basic foods. Whole grains are the best sources of proteins so try to include a maximum of these into your meals. Additionally, you can also include meats, fishes, and nuts to attain better diet. Swap your butter usages with vegetable and olive oil.

  1. Try to be Active

Menopause is the time when it is so common to have mood swings and feel dullness. No matter how dull you are feeling, try to act enthusiastically and keep moving. If you are constantly doing exercising, dancing and all, you can beat most of the weight gain possibilities. Experts are recommending aerobics as one of the most effective tools of a healthy lifestyle. You can also go for regular jogging; this will be so helpful at this stage. You can set your own goals to achieve and create small segments to achieve periodically.

  1. Goodbye to Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking and drinking are always not so good for a healthy lifestyle; as we are talking from so long to adopt a healthy diet during menopause, you should goodbye to them too. This is the time when you are constantly gaining weight; you should calculate the reasons first. Additionally, smoking can cause several other troubles too. If we are talking to reduce or prohibit alcohol consumption as these are having excess calories. This is the time when you need to avoid much calorie consumption as it may lead you to gain more weight; it will be better to avoid them completely.

Menopause Weight Gain

  1. Think Before Having Sweets

No matter how much love you have for sweets but menopause is the time when you have to be a little rude over this. Firstly, there is a need for preparing a proper chart for your daily calorie consumption and in this concern try to figure out every detail of the beverages you are taking. Excess sugar can lead you to gain more calories and this ultimately results as weighted you. Calculate the calories and avoid the sweets like pies, cakes, ice cream, candies, pastries and many more.

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  1. Don’t Shy to Seek Support

Menopause is a critical time for you where so many changes are happening. Due to hormonal changes, this is no wonder that you are feeling mood swings and all. Here you can also go for depression and this may lead you to gain more weight. Bothering yourself is never going to help you at all. This will be better to team up your loved ones and share your troubles with them. This will lead your mood to take rest and the more relaxed you will feel, you can enjoy the better lifestyle. This will be a different way of approaching menopause weight gain, but it definitely works.


Firstly, it needs to be understood as you are not the only one who is feeling this. Additionally, these are not unusual symptoms; many women are tackling the situation and winning too. This is the time when you need to be a little conscious but if you are still feeling that you are struggling then supports are widely available these days. You are the only in-charge of your own health and menopause is something which must be there, sooner or later, in your life. This is the time when your body needs some tender care and love, so take responsibility and go on. Only a little awareness can drag you out from constant weight gain of this time.


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