Best Face Fat Reduction Exercises – Simple Methods

Best face fat reduction exercises

How to reduce face fat is one question that we all come across. Some people may hate the chubby cheeks and you probably hate it when people try to pull. Everything is beautiful in their way and face fat is very common.

Best Face Fat Reduction Exercises

To reduce the overall weight we all try different exercises and diets, we also look at the points that can effectively help us to lose fat from the face. Our faces have 52 muscles and there is no difference from the rest of our bodies. If you don’t exercise them facial muscles to become weak and flabby. If you need a slimmer and wrinkle-free younger face, here in this article “Best face fat reduction exercises” you will find the best facial exercises. Read on.

What is Face Fat?

In certain areas of your face when fat gets deposited, which can lead to a rounder, fuller and puffier appearance, it is called face fat. Starting from the bone our face has several layers, the bone gives the face its shape, followed by muscles, then comes fat and the final layer is the skin. It is the fat layer where the face fat is located. To know if you have face fat there are different fat pockets on the face where the build-up of fat usually takes place. If your face has gradually swollen around these areas over time, you have face fat.

Facial exercises to reduce face fat

Most people go for home remedies because they have almost no side effects. So here are some home remedies to reduce face fat as well that you can try.

Facial exercises to reduce face fat

Chin lifts

This method is a common way to reduce face fat. This exercise gives you the advantage of making your cheeks look younger than before.


  • Lift your chin towards the ceiling and fix your eyes on a spot.
  • Now curl your lower lip over your upper as much as you can and hold for 10 seconds.
  • Next, smile while your lower lip is still curled and hold for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat 10-15 times.

X-O Exercise

With the help of this exercise, it can make the jaw stronger which will in turn help to reduce fat on the face. And you can try this anytime and anywhere. The best part of this exercise is this will strain your cheek muscle and strengthen them. To achieve a sculpted face work out this exercise.


  • Say the letter ‘X’ and ‘O’ several times alternately.
  • Exaggerate and stretch your mouth as much as you can when saying the letters.
  •  Repeat for 3-5 minutes.

Chew your favorite gum

Choose sugar-free gum so you don’t gain the extra calories from sugar, it is the best work out to lose face fat. Chewing gum can bring facial movements and makes your face look visibly thinner. Do it for 20 minutes twice a day to make your face look slimmer. It is effective in keeping your muscles active as well as toned.


  • Repeat chewing the gum just you normally do.
  • Do this exercise for a few minutes after meals.

Fish Face


It is a popular way of exercise to reduce face fat and also this fish face exercise tones the cheek muscles. Through this exercise, you can carve the toned cheek face. This exercise is also called as “smiling fish face” exercise.


  • Suck in your cheeks tight and pucker your lips like a fish.
  • Try to smile in this position and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat 10-15 times.

Blow a balloon

Blow a balloon method is a great way to reduce that chubbiness from your cheeks. When you blow the balloon your face muscle expands and also muscles of your face and neck will work together. When you blow a balloon, your face muscles expand. Repeat the procedure ten times to get a noticeable difference in your cheeks. This technique helps to lose face fat in a week.


  • Take a balloon and blow air into it.
  • Let the air go and then repeat for at 10-15 times.

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Before choosing your treatment, make sure you can commit to it for the best results. So hope you liked this article “Best face fat reduction exercises” and find useful. If you loved this article we would love to hear about your results. Are there any questions or if you have any other suggestions and inquiries you can get in touch with me through the comments section.


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