5 Best Exercises To Increase Female Libido – Should Try!

5 Best Exercises To Increase Female Libido

If you want to know how to boost up your libido flow with minimum efforts and expenditure, then you are at the right place as here we have gathered some of the best exercises to increase female libido which if followed genuinely can really help you. Stress, job, and lifestyle can result in several changes in your body and mind. One of the most prominent change that a women experiences is the lack of desire of having sex.

Best Exercises To Increase Female Libido

This lack makes her feel depressed mostly and this problem is termed as hypoactive sexual desire disorder medically. It can be said that the problem can probably happen due to hormonal changes but the hormones can’t be entirely blamed too. It is a desire which is a result of many mental as well as physical factors and cannot be cured instantly by popping down a pill.

Though depending upon many other factors too, but sexual desire is also dependent on libido. Thus, a way of improving sexual desires is improving the libido flow. Libido is basically what actually motivates one to engage in sexual activities, hence low libido means that you lack the mood as well as the passion to get intimate with your partner.  So, go ahead and read them!

1. Yoga has a Solution for Everything!

Yoga has a Solution for Everything

Yoga is known worldwide to have the most remarkable effects on the practisers. That’s the reason why yoga has loyal followers from all over the globe. In yoga, kundalini breathing is the one exercise which can prove to be one of the best exercises to increase your female libido. Kundalini refers to the bundle of energy which resides in the root chakra at the base of the spine.

This deep belly breathing can help you arouse the kundalini energy and move it up the spine. Moving up this energy to the deep belly area of lower lungs can help to improve the oxygen capacity of our bodies which will further improve your energy levels for indulging in intimate activities.

2. Stretch Yourself

It is just a common myth among people that only vigorous exercises can improve your libido flow. Even small exercise and genuine efforts can also result in boosting up your libido. Whether you do gentle stretching or deep breathing exercises for even three to four days a week, it can significantly result in a considerable increase in your libido level. The reason behind this is that doing gentle stretching in yoga or other exercises elongates your muscles which ultimately result in improved libido levels as well as better sexual satisfaction.

3. Try Kegel Exercises for Rescue

Try Kegel Exercises for Rescue

Kegel exercises involve repeated squeezing of the pelvic floor, the muscle which helps to hold in urine as well as the muscle which is used during orgasm. Doing this exercise will improve your sex drive by strengthening your internal pelvic muscles which let you gain control of stopping or starting the urine flow and creating considerable sexual energy.

This is a great internal muscle control as it will result in increased confidence as well as a significant boost to libido flow. In other words, doing this exercise will strengthen vagina muscles and thus will help women to have stronger orgasms.

4. Stop being too self – Conscious

One of the biggest problems which leads to lack of sexual desires is being too conscious and embarrassed about sex. This embarrassment can be caused by a number of factors some of which can be a taboo around openly talking about sex or self – shamming. This embarrassment negatively influences your sexual activities and sexual consciousness.

Thus, the better way out for all the women out there to boost up libido is to loosen and relax yourself a bit, get a little less self – conscious and focus more on the present pleasure sensations in your body. This will not only reduce the heavy weight of stress that you carry with yourselves always but will also develop more liking towards sex.

5. Go for Cardiovascular Exercises!

Go for Cardiovascular Exercises


Cardiovascular exercises can prove to be one of the best exercises for increasing female libido. Few of the many reasons that these exercises should be included in your regular workout is first because cardiovascular exercises have a direct impact on your heart and secondly, they will definitely help reduce the excessive stress, cholesterol and cortisol levels in your body. Moreover, another benefit for the exercise is that cardiovascular exercises will also increase the blood flow to the various different body parts including the sexual organs. It is not necessary to carry out all the rigorous exercises, even the lighter ones will work wonders.


It is really necessary for a relationship to grow and flourish that both the partners express their love for each other frequently. Don’t let your relationship rot due to lack of sexual desires. Exercises to increase female libido do not require much of the rigorous workout, even gentle, light and relaxed exercises can also work great. We hope that this article proved helpful for you and by employing some of the above exercises you got benefited.


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