Top 10 Benefits Of Warm Compress On Eyes That Makes You Comfort

10 Benefits Of Warm Compress On Eyes

The warm compresses have been used throughout ages for ailments like fever and the problem with the eye. On other hands, the people often use a cold compress on the eyes to refresh them and keep them healthy. While others often use cucumber slice or tomato slices on their closed eyelids for some cool off session.

 Benefits Of Warm Compress On Eyes

You may be wondering whether if the cold compress is good or the warm compress is good. Well, the answer is fairly simple both carry different benefits and are completely different from others. However, for certain situations, a warm compress is better than its colder counterpart which is why we have written Top 10 benefits of warm compress on eyes.

Let’s Prepare Before we Rush

cleaned eyes

Rushing things never carries any benefit and it does more harm than good. So, let’s dive deep into simple easy and correct method to prepare the warm compress to enjoy all benefit it has to offer instead of burning our eyelids with the too hot compress. The steps to prepare a soothing compress are listed in the bullets below.

  1. Step One – The initial step of preparing the warm compress is heating water on the stove or water heater. It does not matter whether you use the kettle or electric heater but what matters the most is heating the water to adequate temperature. Make sure you do not make the water boiling hot and reach a little above lukewarm.
  2. Step Two – Pour the heated water preferably to a glass container wide enough to allow easy dipping of the cloth you desire to use.
  3. Step Three – Take the fresh clean you desire to wet and dip it in the container. Make sure you dip the whole cloth and get it damp everywhere.
  4. Step Four – Drain the excess water in the same glass container because you do not want the water to drizzle all over your face. Ensure it’s wet and warm enough to your liking.
  5. Step Five – Take the wet cloth to lie down and put it over the eyes until you feel like it needs some more dipping and repeat the process from step three for a great compress session.


Since we are done with the correct process of preparing the warm compress to soothe the ailments in our eyes. Let us move to the benefits of a warm compress to your eyes.

Soothes Sore Muscles 

The stress around the eye muscle, eyelids, and facial muscle often happen because they can get sore like any muscle. While soreness due to bump near the eye is visible and get treated quickly by everyone. The soreness which often happens through stress and work is largely ignored. The heat from the warm compress bring blood flow to these places and ease the eyes in unimaginable ways.

Cleanses the Eye 

cleanses eye

The most important benefit of using warm compress is probably the fact that it cleans the eye. The warm vapour acts as natural tear and brings out those debris causing eye irritation or strain in an easy and efficient manner. While cold compress and the water in it are also known to be a good debris cleaner for the eye but they are not as effective as the warm compress.

Ensures Better Tear Production 

The eye also suffers from the various condition which causes a problem for its efficient operation. One of those conditions which cause a problem to the eye is inefficient tear production from the condition known as Dry Eye syndrome (DES). The tear production is stopped because of the lipid in the eyes which stick for a long period of time and do not clean up early. The warm compress effectively cleanses these lipids as the hot water droplets moisten it and allow the flow of the debris.

Tackles Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) 

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is a condition where the sticky gunk like substance stick to the eyes corner and the lashes and harden up making it difficult to open up eyes at times. The warm compress full of warm water vapour and water droplets are quite effective at loosening them up.

Treats Swollen Eyes 

The eye often swells due to various factors and problems. The warm compress often softens the root problems causing the swollen eyes and let them pass through tear for great ease. One such condition is which causes swollen eye due to blockages.

Safeguards from Problems Resulting due to Bug Bites 

The bug bites right close to the eye can cause the fluid from it enters the eye. In such cases, the warm water from compress prevents the entry of fluid and makes the exit quicker than a cold compress

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Tackles Itchiness 


itching eyes

The eyes often itch hard from a viral infection like conjunctivitis. The itchiness causes huge trouble and pain but this itchiness can be decreased through the use of warm compress. The compress does not eliminate the virus or bacteria causing itchiness but controls them very effectively.

Better Sleep 

A person should use warm press time and again to soothe muscle and nerves through warm compress. It effectively relieves any blockages, spams or discomfort related to nerves in the eye and provides ease.


The gland oil secreted in the eye can sometimes get thick due to various bodily reason. The warm compress enters deep and prevents these deep gland oils from sticking and causing the problem.

Eliminates Evaporation 

With cold compress, the reaction is opposite than expected because hot tears are evaporated. However, hot compress enters deep in the eye pores condenses to mix with the tear fluid and prevents evaporation


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