5 Banned Weight Loss Drugs In The USA – Harmful Effects Of Pills!


Due to an attraction to fast foods and foods with high calorific values, obesity is quite common amongst the people of the USA nowadays. And with obesity come a number of health disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, cancer, heart diseases, gastric and digestive problems.

Banned Weight Loss Drugs In The USA

So quite normally, you have to pay attention to decrease your weight. For this, you can follow a workout routine and if you don’t have much time to work out, you can rely on supplements. But some of the weight loss drugs have been banned by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

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Now, Let’s take a look at the banned weight loss drugs:

  1. Meridia


FDA has recently imposed a ban upon this anti-obese drug. This has been done because studies conducted on the drug have found out that this drug has some scary side effects apart from its function of reducing your weight. This includes an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. It contained a substance known as sibutramine which was found to be the main factor for causing these problems. It was developed by the Abbott Laboratories and as soon as its harmful effects were revealed, the production of this medicine was ceased. You can also find the best weight loss supplement Meticore review if you find that you are not losing weight

  1. DMAA


DMAA is also known as methylhexanamine or geranium extract. It is combined with caffeine to serve as medication that reduces weight and stimulates energy production in the human body. It was found out by the FDA that the side effects caused by intake of DMAA are quite hazardous. The health risks of this drug include cardiovascular problems, heart attacks and also a significant increase in blood pressure. As soon as these harmful effects were revealed, the FDA pressurized all the manufacturers to destroy the medicines containing this drug.

  1. Ephedrine


Ephedrine is a component derived from the plant Ephedra, which is generally found in Central Asia and Mongolia. Ephedrine has been used to treat cold, flu and most importantly to enhance weight loss and increase athletic performance in peoples. The US Department of agriculture first found out that this drug could be harmful. Subsequent studies proved the validity of this statement and the drug was fully banned from any kinds of use. Further studies by Harvard Medical School even showed that the use of this drug has even resulted in death by health deterioration. Though the number of deaths was less compared to its scale of usage, it was proved how harmful this drug can be.

  1. DNP


DNP or dinitrophenol was used as a weight loss drug by bodybuilders and other peoples who suffered from obesity. This drug helped in a significant decrease in body weight, but along with it, it caused fatigue, excessive sweating and an increase in body temperature. It was first introduced in the market as the medication that can help you to decrease your weight without following any diet.

However, people were warned about the potential dangers of using the drug on a prolonged basis. People who consumed it for a longer basis ultimately suffered from its harmful effects that include skin lesions, cataracts and a dangerous increase in body temperature. Thus, its use was ceased and a ban was imposed on this fatal drug.

  1. Orlistat


The orlistat drug is an optimized supplement to enhance weight loss. But recently it was noticed that the customers had overflown the feedback space with negative reviews rather than the positive ones. This led to suspicion and ultimately the drug was tested. It was found that the drug was filled with low quantity filler content and other substances that would rather cause different types of side effects including problem in metabolism, nausea, and an increase in the levels of blood sugar. This led to a straightaway ban on medication in the USA. The higher authorities are still trying to destroy the existing drug contents.

Everything has good effects as well as bad effects. But in some cases, it seems that the bad effects are far more destructive than the original function that the drug was supposed to help in. The major mistake that people make is trying out medication by themselves. And in most cases, the manufacturers sell the drugs without checking for any prescriptions.

It is true that you won’t know whether a particular medicine or a drug contains exactly the same amount of ingredients that it promises on its label, but on consulting a physician you will get the prescription of a tested and comparatively safer drug for weight loss.


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