Allergies Or a Sinus Infection? Major Symptoms And Differences

Allergies Or a Sinus Infection

You have a stuffy nose, you know it is cold but which one is it Sinusitis or allergies? Allergies and sinus infections are two separate conditions, but by paying close attention to the specific conditions you can usually identify which one is more likely to be causing the problem.

Allergies Or a Sinus Infection? Major Symptoms And Differences

They both have similar conditions and it confuses, there are key differences in the things that trigger them and the kind of treatment you get. Here in this article “Allergies or a sinus infection?” you will find the major symptoms and differences which will help you to find whether it is allergies or a sinus infection. Read on.

Is it a Sinus Infection or Allergies?


A sinus infection is also called sinusitis which affects the cavities around your nasal passage. And the infection causes your sinuses to become inflamed and swollen and the swelling makes it hard for your sinuses to drain, and mucus builds up. The major symptoms of Sinus are:

  • You become congested and have trouble breathing through your nose.
  • Sinusitis often causes thick yellow or green nasal discharge.
  • A sore throat, cough or headache, as well as pressure or tenderness around your eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead, may also accompany sinusitis.

Viruses also cause sinusitis, but these viral infections usually go away on their own within a week to 10 days. If the sinusitis is infected through bacteria, then that infection may not need treatment but if it is persistent or severe, then antibiotics such as amoxicillin, doxycycline, and others may be used to treat the infection.

Allergies can also produce same as like many of the symptoms such as cold-like symptoms, as a sinus infection, including sinus pressure, a runny nose, and congestion. This condition itself is called as allergic rihinitis which is different. It is caused by an allergic response to allergens, such as pollen, dust mites or pet dander. This reaction happens when your immune system releases chemicals, such as histamine, into your bloodstream. These immune system chemicals lead to your allergy symptoms. The major symptoms are:

  • If you have itchy, watery eyes along with your other symptoms. Itchiness is rarely a symptom of a sinus infection.
  •  If you have very thick yellow or green nasal discharge.

Allergies and Sinus: What’s the difference?

There is a lot of confusion between sinus and allergy symptoms, so to understand the major symptoms below is a list which will help you to determine if you are suffering from allergies or a sinus infection.

Major symptoms of allergies


  • Facial pressure/Pain: Sometimes
  • Duration of illness: Varies
  • Nasal Discharge: Clear, thin, watery
  • Fever: No
  • Headache: Sometimes
  • Pain in upper teeth: No
  • Bad breath: No
  • Coughing: Sometimes
  • Nasal congestions: Sometimes
  • Sneezing: Sometimes

Major symptoms of Sinus


  • Facial pressure/Pain: Yes
  • Duration of illness: Over 10-14 days
  • Nasal Discharge: Thick, yellow-green
  • Fever: Sometimes
  • Headache: Sometimes
  • Pain in upper teeth: Sometimes
  • Bad breath: Sometimes
  • Coughing: Sometimes
  • Nasal congestions: Yes
  • Sneezing: No


allergy meds

Allergy and sinus infection treatments share some similarities and differences. Allergies are also treated with antihistamines. These block the immune system’s histamine-producing response whenever you encounter an allergen. As a result, you should experience fewer symptoms. The best ways to clear up viral infections are with the following methods:

  • Rest as much you can
  • Drink clear fluids, such as water and broth.
  • Use a saline mist spray to hydrate nasal passages.
  • Continue taking allergy meds, if you did so previously.

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Viral infections can’t be treated with antibiotics. However, if your doctor thinks your sinus infection is bacteria-related, they may prescribe an antibiotic. You’ll need to take the full prescription, even if you start feeling better within a day or two.

So hope you liked this article “Allergies or a sinus infection? Quiz!” and find useful. From the above article, you have got the major difference between sinus infection and allergy infection.If you had loved this article we had love to hear about your results. Are there any questions or if you have any other suggestion and inquiries you can get in touch with me through the comments section.


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