3 Day Military Diet Review – Best Diet For Weight Loss Or Just Hype?

3 Days Military Diet

The supporters of the “3 day military diet” which is of very low calorie, have to say that the diet is actually a good way to lose your weight up to 10 pounds. At least that’s what the military diet review tells us.

3 Day Military Diet Reviews – A Working Weight Loss Method?

It is totally achievable if you follow the diet plan very strictly for seven days. But what if someone says that you can lose the same amount of weight in just 3 days? And even if it is possible, you might think that will it be a safe thing to take the risk.

3 Days Military Diet Plan

Many experts have said that while losing weight very quickly by not taking many calories, people actually lose a combination of water, mass and fat as well as some muscles.

What Is The 3 Day Military Diet?

The military diet is basically the shortest diet plan which involves taking very low-calorie diets. This diet plan is chosen by some people in order to lose their excess weight and it might go on for several days per week.  Now the question arises that how much weight loss can be achieved by following the military diet? The answer is not quite certain actually, it might be 10 pounds in 3-7 or sometimes even more. It actually depends on the person who promotes the diet. However, it is not certain that the rate of losing weight of the all the person will be same.  But even if the rate is almost same then there is definitely some drawbacks of this diet which you should be aware of.

Ways To Follow The 3 Day Military Diet

Sometimes the military diet is also called the 3-day military diet. This name is because of the calories it restricts for three days. The diet is basically split into two parts which stretch over a week.

For regular 3 days you will strict yourself to a particular diet of very low calories and for the next four days you take off from the diet’s plan and are allowed to eat your normal diet.

During those four days of the week when the calories requirement in your body is not fulfilled purposely then you are allowed to eat whatever you want to.

No calories will be restricted purposefully during those four days. But some people still don’t eat high calories on those four days. This is because they want to lose their weight faster.

3 Day Military Diet Plans

Military diet plan includes a number of foods. Below here we will show you the strict military diet review of three days.

Day 1

Breakfast: In breakfast, the diet includes a black coffee, half a plain grapefruit or you might include other fruit as well, 2 tablespoons of nut butter with a single slice of toast. That’s all for breakfast.

Lunch: You can either drink water or coffee, for protein you can eat tuna fish packed in water or substitute it with other protein according to you with a slice of toast.

Dinner: Meat or fish not more than 3 ounces, 1 cup of veggies, an apple and half a banana with a vanilla ice cream.

Day 2

Breakfast: One egg, half a banana or other fruit equivalent to it and a plain toast.

Lunch: Cottage cheese not more than a cup, 5 saltines with one hard-boiled egg.

Dinner: For dinner, you can have 2 hot dogs but it won’t have any bun. Veggies like broccoli or anything not more than a cup, carrots ½ cups, half a banana and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Day 3

The third-day diet is the most restrictive amongst the three-day diet. Let’s have a look.

Breakfast: A small apple with 5 saltines and a slice of cheddar cheese.

Lunch: A piece of plain toast with an egg

Dinner: A cup of tuna, half a banana and a cup of vanilla ice-cream

3 Days Military Diet meal plan

Pros And Cons Of 3 Day Military Diet

Like other diet plans, the military diet also has pros and cons.

  • Advantages: It gives you a rapid weight loss. As adult men require around 2000-2500 calories in a day and adult women require around 1500-200 calories in a day. Following the military diet, you will get only 800-1100 calories in a day and this will help you to lose weight at a faster rate.
  • Disadvantages: If you are consuming calories of a very small amount for quite a long period of time then it might trigger a starvation mode in your body. In this state, the metabolic rate of the human body slows down and thus the body burns low calories.

Final Thoughts

So, that was all about the three-day military diet. It is an easy and the shortest diet. Now, you have to decide whether to go with the 3 day military diet explained or try an alternate way to lose weight.


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